Observations: Aquarius Season Arrives!



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Late this Sunday, January 19, the Sun rolls into quirky but stubborn Aquarius, giving air and fire signs more to be happy about. Mercury acted as the Sun’s harbinger when it entered Aquarius a week ago Saturday giving notice of things to come. Now there will be three planets in air plus the Moon on occasion and we will have a more comfortable balance in elements for a change.

Best not forget Aquarius is one of the four fixed signs either, along with Taurus, Leo and Scorpio. When your typical Aquarius takes a stand on some issue, they usually cannot be budged. Whether or not this is a good thing depends on if you agree with them I suppose. This is one of the reasons they can be incredibly effective working on the behalf of others, often for humanitarian reasons.

Aquarius Sun folk may fare less well when it comes to their personal relationships though. What makes a successful crusader for the betterment of humankind can work out less well dealing with all the boring details of day to day life. I have had any number of Aquarius friends over the years and enjoyed them a great deal. Strangely enough I don’t get on well with the Aquarius people in my immediate family . . . which includes my mother-in-law. Ah well, so it goes. 😀

: something (such as a situation) that is made up of two opposite things and that seems impossible but is actually true or possible
: someone who does two things that seem to be opposite to each other or who has qualities that are opposite
: a statement that seems to say two opposite things but that may be true

The whole paradox thing is something Aquarius practically invented. Unlike many others, Aquarius is quite comfortable with the whole concept and usually carries around several paradoxes in their heads at any given time. Those like myself who have Aquarius third houses do all right with these too. The other fixed signs (Taurus, Leo and Scorpio) are far less comfortable with these, probably why they end up muttering a lot after conversations with their Aquarian brethren.

If you want the lowdown on what Aquarius is really like, Aquarian Barry Goddard AKA Dharmaruci had a wonderful post on the species – Aquarians! He is a very funny and insightful astrologer whose posts I’ve read with pleasure for many years.

Mundane astrology, the astrology of worldly events, is an area Aquarius excels in. Barry Goddard’s blog, Astrotabletalk, offers many posts on world affairs. Another Aquarian astrologer who is an excellent mundane astrology is Nancy Sommers of Starlight News. If you are interested in this type of thing, check out their blogs.


6 responses to “Observations: Aquarius Season Arrives!

  1. Ha Ha, Aquarians!

    My ex-wife is Aquarian, I’m a Libran, Both of us have strongly placed Uranus, Pluto, Neptune and Venus in our charts as we were both born in 1964. Saturn is in its co-ruled sign of Aquarius back then too & forms some hard aspects between our natal charts.
    To cut a long story short…
    The attraction between us in the first instance was magnetic but as time passed, our wills and moods clashed like nothing you’ve seen before hence why she is my ex-wife… She has a fire moon and I have a water moon, so… you get my drift..not so good for domestic relationships..

    I always laugh to myself when I see cook book astrology on Sun Signs saying Libra and Aquarius can be great together.. if only they new it was more complex than that… lol…

    • Hi Rodney!

      I always laugh to myself when I see cook book astrology on Sun Signs saying Libra and Aquarius can be great together.. if only they knew it was more complex than that… lol…

      Oh yes . . . so true. I am much happier with my very Aries spouse than any of the air sign Sun men I dated. The Aquarius folk I’m most familiar with are from my parent’s generation, an aunt & my MIL. Both have Aquarius sun sextile Uranus in Aries and have all the earmarks of Asperger’s . . . very bright but lacking in awareness of others as human beings. Weird.

      xoxoxo diane~

    • Hey Chris!! 😀 😀

      Totally understandable in your case . . . after all, planets in Aquarius complete a Grand Cross with your Sun, etc. That would make me a bit edgy too. 😀

      xoxoxoxoxo diane~

  2. Haha! Walking paradox.. yes, I think thats very apt. I have an Aquarius stellium (Sun, Merc, Venus, Jupiter) and I feel everything you’ve said about Aquas is all too true. I find myself to be extraordinarily stubborn and I often find it difficult to concede in any argument. I think it would be far worse if I didn’t have a Libra Moon and Asc, which I think helps me to back down in some conflicts (for the sake of peace) when my logic tells me to do so.

    My current partner and the majority of my previous partners are Libras. There’s something about their ability to persuade, compromise and gently point out the truth that has allowed our relationships to endure… despite my many Aquarian faults!

    • Welcome Albatross!
      I think it would be far worse if I didn’t have a Libra Moon and Asc, which I think helps me to back down in some conflicts (for the sake of peace) when my logic tells me to do so.

      Yes, that would do it. Libra Moon places high value on being able to talk things out in a civil manner. Most of us with our Moon in Libra have a very hard time living with conflict in the home. Makes sense you would enjoy Libra Sun people as partners too. They would be attracted to your Libra ASC & Moon. 😀

      Glad you appreciated this post! 😛

      xoxo diane~

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