Announcement: Changes Afoot for Libra Seeking Balance

In honor of Imbolc - Brigid, celtic goddess of fire brings hints of Spring

In honor of Imbolc – Brigid, Celtic goddess of fire brings hints of Spring

© Ruth Sanderson

I have been thinking long and hard about taking a couple of weeks or so to renovate my website with a new, more secure theme and decided to use the impetus of the Aquarius New Moon in my third house for this. My fixed sign Mercury in Scorpio is not  great at multitasking under normal circumstances and with Saturn in Scorpio sitting on it even less so. Rather than making myself even crazier, I decided to focus on the tech side of things to do this facelift along with continuing to work on client reports. The next post will probably be on the Full Moon in Leo which features a fixed T-Square with the luminaries and Saturn in Scorpio!

Don’t worry . . . I’m still going to be doing my daily status reports of my facebook page for Libra Seeking Balance and expanding Monday’s to give a brief take for the week ahead. Stop by and “like” my page and if you are on Facebook, those updates should appear in your newsfeed. You can also follow me on Twitter where all the facebook updates automatically appear.

So if my website looks odd at times, that means I’m busing working behind the scenes. Yes, Mercury will be retrograde during this process but this type of renovation is a good fit. Besides, I can blame any delays, missteps and confusion on Mercury Retch that way! 😀

The image is my favorite for honoring Candlemass or Imbolc on February 2 when the Sun marks the halfway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. In the northern latitudes where I live it is when we can clearly see evidence the days are getting longer once more. Hurrah! The Moon is in sweet Pisces with Mercury widely conjunct Neptune in Pisces bringing delightful daydreams to help soften the effects of Jupiter in Cancer opposing a Venus-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn widely square Uranus in Aries. That’s life these days!


9 responses to “Announcement: Changes Afoot for Libra Seeking Balance

  1. I really like your website the way it is, and am not really fond of changes (guess my Moon in Taurus, or the three musketeers in Capricorn) but if you have the urge to do this, I wish you good luck and hope this Moon and Uranus will support you!
    XXX Brex

  2. Well, I am making progress . . . I’ve decided to go with an updated version of my current theme & am in the process of choosing a new color scheme. It’s both fun & torturous. 😀 Lots of staring at HTML True Color charts! Figuring out the tech side takes tenacity & few distractions but I’ve solved a couple of little issues which is a big deal for me. 😛

    One of the upsides of the updated theme is being able to make my site more friendly for viewing on mobile devices among other things.

    One of these days very soon I’ll activate the new theme so everyone can see the new look & await feedback! 😀

    xoxoxo diane~

      • It is AMAZING how much time one can consume playing with colors . . . I have found 3 HTML color charts I really like in the process. 😀 Hope to get to a place where I can activate the updated theme soon. It will still be in flux for awhile . . . appropriate w/Mercury stationing Rx conj Neptune in Pisces.

        BTW, the colors I’m drawn to are very Pisces. 😀

        xoxoxo diane~

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