Full Moon in Leo, February 14, 2014

Full Moon in Leo

Full Moon in Leo

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Not quite sure about this Full Moon at 26° 13′ Leo on Valentine’s Day at 03:54 PM PST. It doesn’t look all that favorable for romantic interludes, too many contentious aspects waiting to push people’s buttons. A cardinal T-Square with Jupiter in Cancer, Uranus in Aries and Pluto conjunct Venus in Capricorn adds more pressure to the fixed T-Square with the lunar axis and Saturn in Scorpio.

Saturn in Scorpio is the apex of a fixed T-Square with the Aquarius Sun and Leo Moon. Talk about throwing a serious damper on the festivities! If you have been thinking about surprising your sweetheart with an evening out or giving them expensive gifts, please reconsider. Surprises and fixed signs are almost always a very bad idea. Elaborate, expensive expressions of your love may fall flat for one reason or another. I suggest going with a nice card and a simple, heartfelt expression of your love.

Detached, intellectual Mercury in Aquarius has returned to conjoin the Aquarius Sun and both are squared by Saturn. Aquarius is a big fan speaking one’s mind and not noted for being all that tactful while Scorpio is the master of silences and reserve. Here taciturn Saturn is going to firmly suggest Aquarius shut it down for awhile and take advantage of this Mercury retrograde to think deeply about what they want to say before they speak.

The boisterous Leo Moon is going to be feeling Saturn’s disapproval too. Now is a good time to tone down the superficial drama in order to allow the true warmth of Leo’s big heart to shine forth. Celebrate honest affection this Valentine’s Day.

One of the greatest drawbacks to fixed sign standoffs is their sheer stubbornness often gets in the way of resolving their differences. Thankfully Mars in Libra is on hand to help via a trine to the Sun and a sextile to the Moon. Libra’s forte is finding the middle ground and allowing for win win solutions. It is a fair minded, moderate approach that will put you on the path to success.

The other T-Square is one we’ve been living with on and off for a year or so. Consequently the issues in contention are not new and with Jupiter in Cancer taking part again, family squabbles are bound to show up. Children demanding more freedom to come and go as they please and parents fighting them all the way are among the possibilities. With Venus on deck, money could be a point of contention. The next time these planets get together to fight it out will be in April and Mars in Libra will be present. Pay attention now because we’ll probably end up rehashing this again and with more anger in our voices.

Neptune continues to amble along by himself since Mercury left. Just as well too. It was enough to have Neptune present when Mercury stationed retrograde and adding the general aura of confusion.

Let the bright, loving spirit of the Leo Moon shine forth on this Full Moon and you won’t go wrong. Practice tolerance, compassion and tact even if you would much rather take a stand on principles. It is Valentine’s Day after all . . . the day when we show our love for the special people in our lives.

On a personal note: I may have to follow my own advice about being patient and tolerant of what I see as someone else’s wrong-headedness since the lunar axis will be squaring my Ascendant-Descendant. After all I am as fond of my own opinions as the next person. Mars in Libra is coming close my Chiron-Sun in Libra and I could be more of a hot head than usual. 😀

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  1. Hotheaded? You?! Surely not. 😀

    I must say this past week or so, everyone’s been pissy, bitchy or otherwise out of sorts.

    • LOL Yesterday in the Daily Fix, Michael Lutin back me right up: “Have you noticed? People are starting to come unglued.”

      Uh, yeah… 🙂

  2. Your site redesign is looking lovely – nice soothing hues here. I hope you’re happy with it!

    As for the Leo Full Moon, I’m always happy to have the Moon back in my own Moon sign, although the axis will square my natal Mars. I just stopped off to buy a card and saw a small box of chocolates I opted for as well for my honey. We have dinner plans on Saturday night at a cozy Mexican place we like. I’m also looking forward to a much overdue hair salon appointment on Saturday morning, which should indulge my Leo Ascendant/Moon, barring disaster.

    I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed and weighed down lately, particularly with work. I figured it was Saturn transiting my 4th, and with natal Saturn in my 5th square Sun I can get very discouraged and find everything to be drudgery. But digging around I found some good advice about the necessity to relax and enjoy life more with these Saturn placements. I suppose some people need Saturn transits to put their nose to the grindstone. I find my Saturn transits often point to the opposite – “enough already” with the grindstone, lighten up!

    • Hey Les!

      Very pleased your discerning eye is enjoying my new color choices! Hopefully I’m done having to stop & fix glitches. Those consume time like nobody’s business.

      But digging around I found some good advice about the necessity to relax and enjoy life more with these Saturn placements. I suppose some people need Saturn transits to put their nose to the grindstone. I find my Saturn transits often point to the opposite – “enough already” with the grindstone, lighten up!

      Very good point! 😀 I see Mars in Libra is going to be stationing Rx exactly inconjunct your 10th House Mars. More writing work maybe? Pacing is going to be hard to gauge, something Mars in Taurus can grumble about. 🙂

      xoxoxoxo diane~

  3. Thanks for the ‘hot head’ warning Diane. I have the Sun and Chiron in Libra too! (7.50am October 7,1946 London, England). In fact, you and I also share the same initials … DL. Regards David Lowe

  4. With my ASC and Moon in fixed signs, I have to say I love surprises, but when surprises come up in my life, they are mostly not nice 😉 But still I hope and dream of a big, nice surprise, I won’t give up (another Fixed thing?!). The whole concept of Valentine’s day makes me a bit itchy, because there is not a single clue to personal love for me in my life now (ah, that would be the Biggest Surprise 😉 )
    But I can see some progress since yesterday (and the moon is not full yet) epecially through my interactions with other people (full moon in my Leo 7th house) and that’s worthwile, too. thnigs that make me feel better with myself, a bit more proud and less insecure. Also, after a few days or maybe even weeks of feeling reclusive and restricted, I suddenly find myself feeling free to give people hugs I would usually not hug, and touch people more without feeling uneasy. If that is the general effect for me with this moon, I am very happy with that.
    It also gives me a lot to think about (mercury retro in my 1st house?) because all this was happening yesterday with transiting Venus close to my natal Venus and therefor opposite my natal Saturn. Then with the t-square Saturn prominent with this moon, I think this ‘effect’ is more than I expected or could ask for. But have to stay grounded and humble, otherwise I might lose the good feeling. Your remark about eating humble pie is flowing through my mind, and helped me in several situations, in which I had to put my ego aside for the bigger picture and better interaction with people, to make progress (for everyone, not only me!). The only thing I am wondering about, is what I should do tonight, with the full moon coming up! Go out on my own? Stay home and do something creative? Let’s hope some kind of surprise will deicide for me 😀

  5. As a follow up… wow, a conflict that had been brewing for months ended abruptly in a brief face-off. It was a power struggle and boundary-setting matter with a wrong-headed individual, and I could see it coming, so knowing it ended on this day of the Full Moon makes it all a little easier to bear. There may yet be some additional fallout though.

    • Hey there! 😀
      There may yet be some additional fallout though.

      Definitely a possibility with your Mars Return including a two week station at 27°! Keeping your cool is going to be challenging under this transit because it also triggers your natal Mars-Moon square (the Venus-Mars sq on the New Moon aligns with that sq)

      Tread lightly! 😛
      xoxoxoxo diane~

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