New Ebooklet: Understanding the Outer Planets in Synastry

Outer Planets in Synastry cover

Valentine’s Day seemed like an excellent time to debut my second ebooklet on synastry called “The Outer Planets in Synastry”. It is a compilation of my posts on the subject I’ve written over the past seven years or so.

It has been my observation the best synastry between natal charts does not guarantee a successful relationship unless both individuals are ready, willing and able to participate. Many times either one person or the other is reluctant to even come to the table, much less commit and this is often reflected in the natal charts. That’s why I’ve included information about how I see aspects to the outer planets in the natal chart influence interest in relating to other people before going on the synastry between the natal charts.

The ebooklet will be available in pdf, and if you would like it in Mobi(Kindle) or Epub(Nook), please let me know. The booklet is $5.50. If you do not specify a format, I’ll send it in pdf. Please be aware  using the form below is the best way to let me know you have paid for an ebooklet because for some reason, PayPal does not send me any notice of donations. Thank you.

Here’s how to order – use the “Donate” button to pay and the form below to order specifying your preferred format. Thanks!

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One response to “New Ebooklet: Understanding the Outer Planets in Synastry

  1. PayPal doesn’t always notify me of payments, so if you don’t use the form to email me, I may not realize you made a purchase right away. Thanks!

    I will be away from my computer for awhile this AM but will be checking after I return. 😀


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