Libra Weekly Horoscopes for February 24, 2014

Take note of those Pisces fishes happily swimming around and around and around, go nowhere and loving it. That could be many of us this week with four planets at a virtual standstill. Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are either preparing to station direct or retrograde within the next week. I discuss this phenomenon in my post on the Pisces New Moon and on the Pisces Season.

Venus in Capricorn makes her last sextile to her friend, Saturn in Scorpio, at the beginning of the week. Best pay heed to her counsel about taking it slow when it comes to relationships because she knows what she is talking about. Commitment, which both of these planets favor, needs to be approached with care. We tend to learn to trust in increments and trust is the best foundation on which to build a lasting relationship.

Remember this famous quote from Shakespeare? “Life … is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” That could be one description of the square between bombastic Jupiter in Cancer and rebellious Uranus in Aries partile midweek. Since both Mars and Saturn are at a standstill now, there is little traction to be found and plenty of folks spinning their wheels getting more and more frustrated. All the jumping up and down, railing against those we feel have thwarted us still isn’t going to change anything. It will only annoy the heck out of those people who are willing to go with the flow, OK?

Mercury stations direct on Friday at 18° Aquarius, the same day the Pisces Sun makes a sweet trine to Jupiter in Cancer. As long as we stay in the moment and don’t expect an immediate return to normal communications, we can enjoy the quiet beauty of the trine. Namaste!

Saturday is the New Moon in Pisces with Mars stationing retrograde at 27° Libra, followed by Saturn stationing retrograde at 23° Scorpio on Sunday. Those folks who are willing to travel at a slow but steady pace are going to be much happier campers than those who insist on pushing and shoving their way to the front of the line.

The aspect closing out this busy week is a square between Venus in Capricorn and Mars in Libra. This one has lover’s quarrels written all over hit with a possibility of makeup sex thrown in for good measure . . . as long as those quarrels take place in private. No dramatic public scenes in public please.

Stay calm, be patient and choose your battles with great care this week. If you do, you may make it through with only a few tiny cuts and bruises. Gold stars to those who willingly practice being kind, thoughtful and tolerant!

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Of all the signs, Aries, you will probably find this week’s pace the most challenging because your natural style leans towards fast and furious. You may end with more furious than fast, so please do your best not to take it out on your nearest and dearest.

It’s OK if you feel a little smug now, Taurus, because you know how to do slow and steady with the best of them. Rather than going around looking superior about this, a kinder approach would be to help others adjust to the need to slow down.

Where you might run into problems this week, Gemini, is with your travel plans. If you can’t reschedule those then start figuring out what you can do to prevent terminal boredom if you end up waiting forever. Load plenty of books and games on your favorite bit of technology.

You may surprise yourself and others this week, Cancer, because you might choose to stand up for yourself in no uncertain terms. This is especially true if you have kept silent in order not to make waves and those others aren’t aware of the depth of your unhappiness.

Being unable to communicate effectively with your partner (either business or personal) has been bothering you recently, Leo. There may be a glimmer of change coming by the end of the week but patience is still required for awhile yet. Please hang in there!

There has never been a better time for you to look to your significant other for help in understanding how to navigate these waters, Virgo. Their fluid, easy going way of moving through life can be an inspiration. Day to day activities should start to run more smoothly very soon.

You’ve been somewhat more assertive in recent months, Libra, but for the next week or so the urge to confront could lessen considerably. This is only temporary . . . probably just long enough for those you’ve been contending with to get complacent. *evil grin*

The demands on your time and energy may seem unending these days, Scorpio, with people popping up all over the place needing something from you. Have you considered that it might be time to tell them to take a number and get in line?

This week could make or break you, Sagittarius. It depends on how close you have been riding the edge and how many unnecessary risks you have been taking recently. If you are depending on your friends to bail you out, that might not happen. They have their own problems.

Capricorn, I know you are doing your best to mediate between various family members and your significant other. Matters could come to a head this week but don’t expect a speedy resolution. Be patient and draw on your friends for morale support to see you through this.

What could land you in deep trouble this week, Aquarius, is speaking up and letting someone have it with both barrels. The flack you catch for expressing your opinions may be very, very stressful for you. Are you sure you want to risk that?

Your knack for bobbing and weaving to avoid other people’s painful squabbles is working well now, Pisces. Unless you deliberately choose to involve yourself out of a sense of compassion for the combatants, you should be able to go about your business just fine.

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