Tough Times for Retrograde Mars in Libra


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On March 1, Mars in Libra stations retrograde at 27°, the state it will remain in until May 19 when it stations direct at 9°. While there are some bright spots on this journey in reverse, there are far more obstacles which are very likely to make us more cranky and unwilling to cooperate.

Libra is usually described as peace loving and polite. However when they feel they have been pushed too far, they are capable of striking back with great effectiveness. Over the next three months when Mars in Libra is traveling in reverse, the intense pressure Mars will be under at times may cause it to lash out in anger, reminding everyone Libra is a cardinal sign. Normally mild mannered types who feel they have been treated unjustly or have not been given opportunities to present their side could march right up and let loose with both barrels.

The retrograde phase begins with Mars square to Venus in Capricorn and ends with a trine to the Moon in Aquarius. Anytime Venus square Mars it highlights the need to treat one another with respect and civility in our personal relationships. Make it a habit during this retrograde period to really listen to what your partner is saying instead of preparing your comeback.

During March Mars will go from 27° Libra to 21° Libra and will be trine Mercury in Aquarius on March 14 and Venus in Aquarius on March 29. This month could be considered the calm before the storm when people might still be willing to sit down and talk. Do so if you can because once April arrives all bets are off.

Tempers start to fray due to miscommunications on April 2 when Mars is inconjunct Mercury in Pisces at 21°. By April 8 when Mars opposes the Aries Sun at 18°, people may start to take sides though there is still hope for compromise. It is the last two weeks of April that are the worst, beginning with an inconjunct between Mars and Venus in Pisces on April 19 at 14°. An apology for being an insensitive jerk might be of some help but don’t count on it.

The much heralded Cardinal Grand Cross takes place on April 22-23 with Mars in Libra squaring Jupiter in Cancer first, then opposing Uranus in Aries and squaring Pluto in Capricorn. This takes place at 13° in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn), so check your natal charts to see if you have anything between 12° to 14° in those signs. Mars acts as the trigger or ignition point because it is the most active planet of the four. What might occur is an outpouring of deep seated feelings of rage due to years of feeling resentment over being treated unfairly (Pluto). The abruptness and intensity of this expression stems from Jupiter square Uranus. Those most likely to explode are people who have been in a state of denial for quite some time. Cancers, Libras and Capricorns are far more likely than Aries to be guilty of stuffing their unacceptable feelings, and as a consequence more likely to blow up. It could get very messy in some households in late April.

April ends with an uneasy inconjunct between Mercury in stubborn Taurus and Mars in Libra on April 28. Even though there may be many apologies in order by then, it probably isn’t going to happen too quickly.

Before Mars goes direct on May 19, Mars makes one last challenging aspect, an opposition to Venus in Aries on May 11 at 9°. Venus in Aries can handle the direct approach, she isn’t shy after all. So step up and speak your piece. There is a very good chance you will be heard and your relationship issues can begin to be resolved.

I’ll cover the final segment in the story of Mars in Libra at a later date. This is plenty to think about for now. After writing this post, I decided to suggest making it a priority to treat others as fairly as possible and to remain open to compromise during the next three months. Take your anger issues seriously and do your best to let others know when they have overstepped . . . tactfully.

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  1. Ooh this is juicy information, thanks! We’re planning on getting married thus summer and my crazy side wants to get married during this, lol.

  2. Fantastic post! I just checked chart and I DO have one 14 degrees Libra. Yipes. Thinking a silent retreat will be in order for the Cardinal Grand Cross. 🙂

  3. Hmm….my AC at 17 Cap, DC 17 Can and North/South nodes 15 Libra/Aries. Not exact but pretty close….lol

  4. And just seen that Saturn will be transiting my natal MC and opposing natal Mars which is conjunct my IC. Plus Neptune is still just past my natal Venus. Roll on April. Hope it’s good news for my new business venture as that kicks off in May with several Shows/Exhibitions of my products throughout this summer. Busy times. As for my love life…..sigh!

  5. I’ll take it as a cautionary lesson since transiting Mars is right on my natal Mars in Libra today, and Mars will be passing over Uranus and Venus as it retrogrades, and before turning direct at 9 degrees Libra, it’ll not be too far from my nPluto which is at 3 degrees. I didn’t like the last Mars rx much so I dunno about this one.

    • After some thought, I notice my work schedule is changing this month, quite significantly. Since getting that job promotion, I am expected to take a turn training the newbies, which will entail staying mostly in one place vs traveling as I normally do. I will do this twice (a total of 6 days) so I will be stationary a LOT. Hmm! Plus, I am taking a few days off here and there to visit family and late in the month, a day to spend time with my best friend.

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