Venus in Aquarius, a Genuine Original

After being in earthy Capricorn since November 5, 2013, Venus will finally leave for airy Aquarius on March 5. We’ve grown accustomed to Venus in Capricorn with her subtle fashion sense and brisk practicality so this shift looks to be a real eye-opener. Aquarius is very different, much more open and unconventional.

In Capricorn, Venus is reserved in public and not much for public displays of affection whilst in Aquarius she can go either way. One of the biggest differences between Capricorn and Aquarius is the former is most comfortable in a stable, committed partnership while the latter is just the opposite. Uranus ruled Aquarius needs to feel free to explore all the options whenever the mood strikes. Open relationships where both partners in a committed relationship agree it is OK to have sex with other people is something Aquarius might endorse.

Someone with Venus in Aquarius usually has a unique style which can range from retro to cutting edge, sometimes in the same outfit. The goal is to be seen as an original. Women often choose to wear men’s clothing and the men might be seen wearing anything from flannel shirts to the most current metro-sexual attire. Electric blue, silver and acid greens are all colors I associate with Aquarius.

The only real resistance Venus will run into in Aquarius comes about a week before she slips into Pisces on April 5. Saturn in Scorpio will square Venus on March 29, the same day she will be trine retrograde Mars in Libra. Talk about your mixed signals! Saturn says “stop” and Mars says “go”.

On a slightly different note, I found Venus’s extended stay in Capricorn including the retrograde period, one of the most comfortable Venus Retrogrades in years. Even during the times when Venus in Capricorn was squaring my Libra planets, there was little unpleasantness. I was able to reconnect with a woman friend I had fallen out of touch among other things. Of course, I didn’t run out and make any major purchases . . . with Pluto in my second house, frugality is an ongoing theme.


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  1. It’s so true! I have natal Venus in Aquarius (Uranus on ASC) trine Mars (in Libra) and trine Saturn (in Libra). I love vintage, retro, I love to have unique things, I love to look original, different. I think I have a very good taste 🙂 I can see many women like how I look and trying to copy my style 🙂

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