Steamrolled by Mars & Saturn stationing Rx

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Going into last weekend with both Mars in Libra and Saturn in Scorpio on pause was manageable but once those two planets went retrograde, I ended up feeling completely flattened. Mars has been exactly conjunct my natal Chiron in Libra ever since it hit 27°, thus within a couple of degrees of my Sun. To say I’m hoping this energy drain will improve as Mars begins to pick up speed in reverse is an understatement!

Saturn’s station retrograde within a degree of my natal Mercury in Scorpio has made words very hard to come by. This doesn’t really feel like writer’s block so much as struggling to get my mind working! There is a distinct pause between each thought. As a result I’m probably going to only post my weekly ‘scopes and lunations until this state of affairs begins to improve. There are charts to analyze and reports to be written and those have to take priority for now.

What hasn’t helped either is the need to drop what I’m doing and help my Aries spouse with his latest crisis. Jupiter in Cancer is currently stationing within a degree of his natal Uranus in Cancer in his fourth house . . . square Uranus in Aries in his first. Jupiter stations direct tomorrow and hopefully will usher in a period of positive change.

These days I treasure every moment of normalcy in my daily life because I know those will continue to be hard to come by for awhile. I doubt if I’m alone dealing with sort of disruption and lethargy either. Here’s to making it thru all this in one piece.

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  1. Stressful aspects! But you’re Libra, you can ride out the coming aspects with ease. Remember that 😉

  2. Good luck, Diane! Mars hanging out on your Mercury and Mars in your 12th can’t be fun. Wait until Uranus opposes your Moon if you’re looking for normalcy! 😉

    I’m in an astrological lull. Saturn will return to square my Leo Ascendant/Moon soon enough, but I am learning a bit about my taking care of my Moon and emotional foundation (4th house).

  3. jupiter iis about too conjunct my natal uranus in cancer also…although 1st house. how did jupiter conjunct uranus play out for your husband?

  4. Hello Diane. First I’d like to thank you for the excellent articles you are so kind as to post every week. I’m already extremely grateful for one a week.
    As far as the wicked Mars transit is concerned, isn’t it so that the first pass of a multiple transit like that one, due to the retragrade motion, is the hardest? I’ve had to deal with a succession of difficult transits over the past few years such Sun opposite Pluto, then immediately afterwards squaring my Moon, obviously all of which took a lot of time. I’m not saying I’d recommend any of this stuff. I went through the breakup, depression, illness and all the lot. But I believe it’s like the series of squares we are getting from Pluto and Uranus, they seem to get more manageable over time as we (astrologers) know what to expect?
    May you see the light at the end of the tunnel as soon as possible.

  5. Sorry to hear about your energy drain. Totally understandable though. And it’s a lot of work to write these updates. I am so thankful for your weekly guidance.

    I rather enjoyed last week when Merc was SD & Mars was SR around the New Moon in Pisces. I had a surge of understanding & felt able to express coherently.

    Yet, I too have been completely drained this week. I normally have a difficult time with basic errands & chores, but this is beyond coping abilities. My Moon is 27 Aries and Asc 23 Scorp. Don’t know if this is relevant. I thought with my Natal Jupiter & North Node @ 22-27 Libra I’d get better results.

    I think it’s interesting how you are experiencing Transit Saturn on your Merc. I noticed your writing has become far more detailed lately. It has always been informative, logical and organized to me,
    but I found myself thinking that you were fitting a huge amount of info in a condensed space. When Saturn spent a large amount of time squaring my Natal Mercury a few months ago due to
    Retro, I found my thinking slowed down. I was writing lots of lists with steps & processes written in detail, rather than leaping to results in problem solving.

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