Libra Weekly Horoscopes for March 10, 2014

Another relatively quiet week ahead for us! The only halfway serious bump occurs Monday when Mercury in Aquarius is squared by Saturn in Scorpio for the last time. Saturn is just doing his job of keeping Mercury’s more outré ideas in check. If you have already factored in the practicalities you may not even notice this event.

A lovely trine between the Pisces Sun and Saturn in Scorpio on Thursday gently guides our understanding of why we need to establish boundaries. Lakes and oceans have shorelines and beaches that divide the water and the land. If our lives are to make any sense at all we need our personal shorelines and beaches, or else risk getting lost in a fog bank at sea. This trine also nurtures creativity in much the same way.

Friday’s trine between clear thinking Mercury in Aquarius and Mars in fair-minded Libra can provide the mental boost we need to navigate the perils of the Virgo Full Moon on Sunday. Just when we need a wide perspective the most, it might be very hard to find.

Pisces Season is winding down and the Vernal Equinox is just around the corner on March 20. We don’t have much time before the drama of Aries Season begins and the need to take action becomes increasingly urgent. Right now Saturn is still holding at its station degree of 23° Scorpio but Mars in Libra will leave 27° on Tuesday and Mercury is rapidly reaching its normal traveling speed. No more procrastinating, it’s time to organize our thoughts and establish priorities.

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This is the week, Aries, when you might start to feel like you can breathe again. Don’t expect miracles though. You may have a few more obstacles to climb over or drive around. Best suggestions come from your partner and like-minded friends late in the week.

Monday may have its share of on the job communication issues for you, Taurus, and patience will probably be needed. In order to keep the praise coming at work you might have to scale back some of your ideas and proposals a degree or two.

Getting your mind in gear on Monday could be challenging for you, Gemini, but don’t get too stressed out. By the end of the week you should be in fine form again with plenty of original ideas to share. Take a look at the balance between career and home this weekend.

Yes, your life continues to be a juggling act, Cancer, but there is plenty of quiet support for you too. Your ability to intuit what is best for you is strong right now, so listen to it rather than other well meaning people in your life.

Family spats could add drama to the start of your week, Leo. Those will soon pass and you will be able to devote your mental energies to other issues. Discussions with your partner late in the week should help you set your priorities going forward.

Dealing with coworkers may get your week off to a frustrating start, Virgo, but it will get better quickly. You, more than anyone, may understand the importance of setting boundaries and why those can enhance the creative process. Take time for yourself on the weekend.

Hopefully you should begin to feel your energy levels pick up this week, Libra. You probably have far too much to do to be feeling less than your best. Ideas about how to improve your work habits and be more productive may come to you late this week.

Don’t let an impasse with your family at the beginning of week get you down, Scorpio. Your sense of being part of something greater than yourself may sweep over you now, bringing a renewed feeling of purpose. Part of this is helping those in need.

You may not start your week off with a clear head, Sagittarius, but you will very likely end the week with one. This is important because you have a lot to think about including the need to evaluate what’s going with your career and how that affects your home life.

A temporary glitch in your cash flow could cause some grumbling, Capricorn, but this will pass quickly, in part because you may have an important realization about your long term objectives. Discuss this with your closest associates over the weekend for the best feedback.

Keep your head down at work on Monday, Aquarius, and put discussions of sensitive issues with your boss on hold until later in the week. If you aren’t careful, you could end up overindulging yourself on the weekend and end up feeling poorly as a consequence.

Having faith in yourself is not always easy for you, Pisces, because you are aware of how frequently you have ended up being your own worst enemy. You might have an opportunity to turn that around now with the help of a steadfast spiritual adviser.

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