Uranus Surprises have Roots


Uranus in Aries sq Pluto in Capricorn© Ajv123ajv | Dreamstime.com

Uranus transits often bring abrupt changes and events but only on the surface . . . most of the time the actual event is the result of something that has been going on for quite some time.

We have examples of these occurring every day and one of the more recent occurrences in my part of the world was a catastrophic mud slide, wiping out thirty homes and at least sixteen lives to date. However a soil engineer had made several attempts over the years to convince local officials not to allow homes to be built under this unstable hillside. He was ignored.

In other parts of this country people have been allowed to build homes in areas prone to wildfires, on flood plains, on vulnerable oceanfront property and over earthquake fault lines. Then they are all surprised when those homes are destroyed by fire, flood, hurricanes and quakes. Mother Nature is not noted for being forgiving of humanity’s hubris.

The ongoing Uranus-Pluto square has been and will continue to provide examples of situations where old, old grievances result in explosive change. Now we have Mars in Libra involved, and that means one-on-one relationships where resentments have been building over months and years may be obliterated. If you can bring yourself to air those resentments it might save your relationship. However with Pluto involved, any endings will probably be final. Pluto is into scorched earth, no turning back policies. His purpose is to clear away the old completely to allow for new growth. And many will simply walk away regardless of jointly owned material possessions or property . . . much to the shock and dismay of Taurus and Leo folk in particular.

It does help to live each day as aware as possible, to actively listen to others and pay attention to our surroundings. The area where I live seldom has earthquakes, hurricanes or tornadoes but it was close enough to Mt. St. Helens to be covered in volcanic ash when it erupted in May 1980. It was a vivid reminder of how vulnerable we humans are. It is still a good idea to exercise common sense occasionally.

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  1. Speaking of which, after the last L.A. mini-quake a few weeks back, I checked the city’s chart–sun at 14 of Aries, naturally… Could Uranus soon be playing us a visit? We had another temblor tonight.

  2. It looks like I have Uranus transiting my natal moon. This week has brought one sudden change of disappointment after another. Wow! this Libra feels a bit knocked around.

  3. Oops never mind. Was reading my chart wrong but close to my N. Node. Still want a week!!

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