Libra Weekly Horoscopes for March 31, 2014

Slam, bam, thank you ma’am! The first week of April rolls in with a vengeance as the Aries Sun dukes it out with Jupiter in Cancer, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. It is time to consider fire and how quickly it can turn everything into ashes.

The ignition point was the Aries New Moon on Sunday and even though we only have two full time planets in fire, the Aries Sun and Uranus, they are very, very good at making themselves heard. The heart of the matter is the exact conjunction of the Sun and Uranus on Wednesday. The drive to be first has an uncaring edge to it these days and those who have personal planets in Aries from 11° to 13° may find it almost impossible to resist the need to win at any cost. Not pretty.

This is a terrible time to keep anyone waiting for any length of time. As a matter of fact, if you do, they probably won’t be there when you arrive. Patience may be in very short supply this week . . . just when we need it the most!

Think back to what was going on around Christmas time because those same themes will likely emerge this week as a source of contention. Rude, ill tempered behaviors along with a blatant disregard for authority are possible. Some may feel like they have reached their limit and walk away for good. Others will feel the need to battle it out to the bitter end.

The saving grace this week is Mercury in compassionate Pisces trine Saturn in powerful Scorpio . . . a quiet voice of reason, filled with empathy and genuine concern for others. Choose to listen carefully to the grievances people have and then share your thoughts from the heart.

The Universe also blesses us this week with Venus in Pisces. She leaves cool, airy Aquarius and dives into the oceans of Pisces on Saturday. This is a Venus with a warm loving heart who enjoys a good fantasy now and then. Libras who have grown weary of fighting with snarky loved ones may become emotionally unavailable. Venus in Pisces’s ability to fade away makes confrontations a poor option. After all, you can’t fight with something you can’t see easily, can you?

Be very, very careful behind the wheel this week because lots of people will be in a big hurry. Talking or texting while driving or walking on a busy street could be bad for your health. Pay attention and practice patience for all you are worth. May our guardian angels all be working overtime!

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Your guardian angel could be looking pretty ragged around the edges by the end of this week, Aries. You are not noted for being all that patient under normal circumstances and these times are far from normal. Focus on being kind to your fellow travelers please.

Even if you are sure you have the best answers this week, Taurus, please be as tactful as possible in the way you present those ideas. If you push too hard, your audience may quit listening and that would be a shame because your information is good.

I doubt if you will be bored this week, Gemini, as you follow what your friends and peers are getting up to now. Don’t forget to listen closely to what your boss has to tell you as that may have an impact on your work schedule.

All things considered, Cancer, if you feel like crawling into your shell to wait out this week’s goings on, I won’t blame you. You are a sensitive soul beneath your surface toughness. Watch out for acrimonious exchanges in your work place as those may have repercussions for you.

While you might not be in the direct line of fire now, Leo, you may want to delay travel plans for a few weeks. Attempting to coordinate scheduling changes with coworkers could turn out to be a much greater challenge than you expected, disrupting your plans.

Where you might feel the pinch from all of this week’s drama, Virgo, is in your social life and other leisure activities. In part because you might have to spend more time than usual handling financial matters related to your tax returns . . . lots of fun!

Are you exhausted yet from watching your partner run about like a crazy person, Libra? This appears to be a time when you may need to put your needs on hold as well as throw your career and home life out of balance. Outlook improves on the weekend.

Please monitor your stress levels closely this week, Scorpio, and make sure you are getting plenty of rest. Dealing with increased disruptions to your daily routines is surprisingly hard on your normally tough self. Playing with children or diving into a creative project can be soothing.

In your drive to completely throw yourself into enjoying the moment, Sagittarius, you may risk getting in over your head financially. While your gambles do pay off more frequently than most others, please remember to balance fun with responsibility and to honor all of your previous commitments.

If you are confronted with rebellion on the home front this week, Capricorn, please consider the merits of displaying your more compassionate side. Chances are this will a) confuse them and b) hopefully soften their attitude so matters can be resolved peacefully. Be gentle!

You know the old standby of counting to ten before speaking, Aquarius? This week you may want to double that at a minimum because blurting out your first reaction may makes matters far, far worse. In part because there could be critical information you aren’t aware of. Be careful.

In your own fluid fashion, Pisces, you can be a source of comfort to your friends and family during this tumultuous time. For one thing, your ability to bend and flow with what’s happening sets a good example for those whose rigid stance may cause them to break.

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. 😀


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