Sweet Venus in Pisces

Pisces © Shylydrya

Pisces © Shylydrya

One of the most pleasant events in recent weeks is Venus happily slipping into Pisces on Saturday, a place she is more than comfortable. Quietly compassionate, quick to forgive and always willing to entertain a fantasy or two for the sake of love are all hallmarks of this Venus. She also provides a much needed counterbalance to all the Aries stridency and bitchiness of the cardinal planets these days.

The week leading up to her conjunction with Neptune at 6° Pisces on April 11 may have lovers wandering around in a rose colored fog. This can be very enjoyable as long as we remember the effect may be temporary and eventually boring reality will intrude.

When Venus in Pisces is trine Jupiter in Cancer and sextile Pluto in Capricorn on April 17-18, there could be an upsurge in donations to charity as people might be in a more giving mood than usual. However, Pluto in Capricorn also ensures a closer eye than usual on how those monies are spent. Give responsibly and do your homework before hand.

The only unpleasant moment for Venus, an inconjunct to Mars in Libra, happens the day the Sun leaves Mars ruled Aries for Venus ruled Taurus. Many of us will probably be feed up with contentiousness and ready for a time out. Time to turn off the news and go smell the flowers!

The last aspect Venus makes is a thoughtful trine to Saturn at 21° Scorpio on April 25. This one always makes me think of formal commitments and enduring love. It is also wonderful for artists, writers and those in the acting profession because it is far easier than usual to bring one’s creative visions into reality.

We say goodbye to this sweet Venus on May 2 when she leaps into energetic, forthright Aries. Personally I am relieved the universe choice to bless us with the soothing presence of Venus in Pisces during a tumultuous period.


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  1. She trines my Pluto on 27th / 28th of this month – right in the heart of Cardinal Cross pressure. I have natal Pluto stationary retrograde so it’s one of those lovely trips to the deep, cathartic and healing, gentle yet moving. Great posts as always Diane. Thanks for always writing so regularly. Your commitment and informative insights are always appreciated.

  2. Somethings wrong, I have this transit happeing in my 4th house Pisces and I’m feeing nothing sweet; in fact I am breathing fire. I think Mars in my 11th house Libra is head of this household. I don’t think much will change until mars goes direct. Do you feel the same way, Diane? ‘m getting alot done but poeople are causing major roadblocks !

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