Sun Arrives in Taurus!



Most people I know are beyond ready for Aries Season to be over with for this year and the end is in sight. On Saturday, April 19, the Sun enters sweet, steady Taurus and begins to go to work putting out Aries’ fires.

First on the Taurus Sun’s agenda is helping us with the cardinal Grand Cross that comes together on Sunday through Tuesday. Unlike Aries who excels at making mountains out of mole hills, Taurus encourages us to sit down and look at the facts, preferably accompanied by something to eat and drink. The world Taurus lives in is based firmly in reality and ranting on an empty stomach is bad for one’s health.

There are hot spots of trouble around the world but this is almost always the case. Taurus is more interested in making sure the basics are covered, like food, shelter and clothing, leaving the saber rattling to Aries.

Mercury leaves volatile Aries for pragmatic Taurus on Wednesday, April 23, and will exactly conjoin the Sun on the following Friday. This shift should help tone down the fiery rhetoric floating around the past couple of weeks. Neptune in Pisces will be sextile both Mercury and the Sun over the weekend of April 26-27 . . . a good time to eat, drink and be merry.

On the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus on 28 April, earth and water totally swamp the two remaining fire and air planets, Mars in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries. For those struggling to pick up the pieces and get their lives back in order, the calm reason of this New Moon may be a godsend. Even those still embroiled in relationship issues may catch a break and step back from the brink. Listen to cooler, wiser heads and play in the warm mud of this fertile New Moon.

A trine to Pluto in Capricorn on May 3, followed by a sextile to Jupiter in Cancer on May 6 promote common sense solutions to nagging problems as does the opposition to Saturn in Scorpio on May 10. The Full Moon in Scorpio on May 14 is the last major event for the Taurus Sun and by then the Grand Cross is no more. The last week before the Sun moves into chatty Gemini on May 20 is uneventful.

Around here Taurus Season is when the trees leaf out and a wide variety of flowers bloom. The world is green and growing once again. I live at roughly the same latitude as Paris, France, classic temperate zone and perfect for this Libra. It is a joy to see all this life unfolding.

There are bound to be moments of turmoil as the Grand Cross wanes but with the Taurus Sun working hard to keep us centered and grounded in real time, we can make it! Enjoy!

Image: © Paulie-SVK


2 responses to “Sun Arrives in Taurus!

  1. Saturn 8 degs taurus, so this is an interesting season for me. Harking back to an eclipse here in 1986 my Dad took his own life. 28 years later I think I deserve to see resolutions of some of the old lessons that this Grand Cross has unearthed and the family ‘stuff’.
    I’m hoping this is a last hurrah, as I’m fit to burst with all the things my authentic self wants to do given the right opportunity. Inspiring read as usual Diane.
    Happy Easter xox

  2. Transiting sun in taurus is bliss, I welcome this season every year. I have a few personal planets in Aries(moon conjunct Saturn opposite mars in libra) and so in Aries season I find myself too often in battleground territory. Transiting sun in Taurus calms all that down, this occurs in my twelfth house so it really is blissful for the soul, the budding of the trees, the smell of the grass, delicious Easter food. Thank God the Cardinal Cross is when the sun is in Taurus. It trines my sun on Friday so I can’t wait for that. Happy Easter wishes. Thanks always Diane for your insights.

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