New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus, April 28-29, 2014


Fertile New Moon in Taurus

Depending on your point of view, this New Moon Solar Eclipse at 08° 52′ Taurus on 28 April 2014, 11:15 PM PDT, will either feel like an incredibly fertile moment or as if you have stepped into a bog up to your neck. Earth and water dominate this chart with eight planets in those elements and only retrograde Mars in Libra in air opposing Uranus in fiery Aries in the other two.

Rather than driving yourself batty attempting to multi-task, choose one thing at a time to focus on with Mercury in Taurus conjoining the New Moon. Taurus can accomplish an amazing amount of work if left alone with minimal distractions. Otherwise Taurus can get a little balky and when all four of those hooves are dug in, not much will move them. Practical, common sense solutions are favored as well as those plans designed to stay within a strict budget. Flamboyant, over the top ideas may as well be shelved for the time being.

A sextile from the New Moon-Mercury to imaginative Neptune in Pisces suggests this is a marvelous time to manifest ideas in the creative arts. Writers, artists, performers and those in service to others may be able to craft the perfect solution to nagging artistic problems. Be sure to pay close attention to what crosses your mind as you are falling to sleep or waking up. Dreams may be vivid and informative for those of you who pay attention to them.

Mercury in Taurus also connects to the now waning cardinal Grand Cross in helpful ways. It is trine pragmatic Pluto in Capricorn, sextile Jupiter in Cancer, inconjunct Mars in Libra and semi-sextile Uranus in Aries. Did I mention the wisdom of pursuing practical, common sense solutions? For those of us coping with challenging situations resulting from the both the previous Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra and the Grand Cross hitting our charts, I’d suggest going with the tried and true methods rather than taking a chance on something new and radical. We will also need to be patient with what may appear to be a slow rate of progress.

Whilst a trine from Saturn in Scorpio to gentle Venus in Pisces may not be the most romantic of aspects it is very good for exploring the idea of making a lasting commitment with your lover. For those who are sitting down attempting to figure what their next move is, this New Moon is ideal for patiently sifting through the available data and coming up with the most fiscally wise choices. If you have a new project in the works and need financing, be sure to do your homework first and be prepared to justify your financing options. Taurus has great instincts when it comes to investing, especially in real property.

Celebrate the renewal of life on this Taurus New Moon. Get your fingers into the dirt, plant some flowers and your vegetables. In the northern latitudes, the landscape is usually covered with lush greens, flowering shrubs and trees, bringing a sense of vitality and fertility. Do take time to enjoy the beauties of the natural world with your loved ones on this Solar Eclipse.

On a personal note: This is really a mixed bag of a lunation for me. I have some excellent aspects including a Grand Trine in earth with Pluto in Cappy, my Midheaven and Mercury in Taurus. Mercury is currently transiting my sixth house and Pluto my second, so this will be an earth house event for me. It is lovely and grounding for someone who has no planets in earth. On the downside, the New Moon is exactly square my natal Saturn . . . responsibilities plus of a service oriented nature. That is fitting because BOTH my husband and my father are in the hospital. I took them both to the local ER a week apart. Grand Cross and lunar eclipse side effects.

Saturn in Scorpio officially conjoins my Scorpio Mars while Venus in Pisces is exactly trine my Scorpio Ascendant. The first says a lot can be accomplished through sheer discipline and the second is very favorable for putting my best foot forward in social situations. Great for running around talking to medical personnel.

Image: © Batjenka


6 responses to “New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus, April 28-29, 2014

  1. This New Moon conjuncts my Midheaven. Awhile back, frustrated with learning the new job and the hard work (Saturn on my IC), I saw this New Moon and thought about some other career opportunity. But I’m settling in and happier in the job, so not sure what now. Dreamed of beauty and new clothes this morning, so maybe that’s my Taurus dream! I have to buy something for an upcoming client meeting. 🙂

    Hope all goes well with your guys’ medical issues. Hope you get some time to enjoy the spring earth (still cold here in the Northeast, sigh).

  2. Hi Diane,

    My moon is at 8 degrees 17 mins Taurus in the 4th house. Have been trying to sell my house for the last 3 years. Do you think this solar eclipse is the trigger?

    Hope your family health issues improve. Many thanks.

  3. Hello Diane. (waves)
    Saturn yup, eclipse on it so I’m waving the white flag like you after the GC mularkey. Hope May is easier! xox

  4. Hi Diane,

    Once again, similar aspects, similar transits.Mercury is transiting my sixth and Pluto (of course),forever transiting that 2nd.(Altough, I have to admit, I have been taught a lot of good lessons about values and money since 2008. U2?) Like you, hospitals are in my life: nothing serious just have no choice but to take care of it immediately it to another level. How very Taurus! Natal Jupiter in Cappy,2nd and Saturn in Virgo,10th in addition to transiting Jupiter sextile Saturn; job is going very well.

  5. Wishing a smooth recovery for your guys!
    This new Moon falls exactly opp my son’s mercury which has been challenged in the last few months (school and learning how to use words to communicate effectively and connect, among others…) I hope this means it will help him to get to the next level.

  6. For myself this new moon falls in my 12th house. I am thinking that this will be a trek through the bayous. Not necessarily a bad thing: it is a time to get in touch with the inner self and what I want from my life. Especially as I have Moon/Mercury trine Pluto trine Sun. The next month will be one of revelations.

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