Libra Weekly Horoscopes for May 12, 2014


Tweaking the Grand Cross planets this week is the beautiful but highly independent Venus in Aries. We will have the joy of revisiting some of the issues brought to light during April once again from a slightly different angle.

Last December Venus in earthy Capricorn was the one aspecting Mars in Libra, Jupiter in Cancer, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn over the course of a week. She was aligned with Jupiter and Pluto in earth and water. Decorum and appearances were carefully maintained while more traditional values were celebrated. Not going to happen this time! Venus in Aries is outspoken and bold. Uranus in Aries is backing her play which introduces a large measure of unpredictability, and that may translate into drama and trauma in people’s love lives. Impulse buying may create havoc with some people’s budgets too.

The biggest cluster of activity occurs on Wednesday and Thursday. The intense Scorpio Full Moon is on Wednesday when Venus in Aries squares Pluto creating an atmosphere conducive to power struggles in the boardroom and the bedroom. Thursday Venus conjoins Uranus in Aries and the relationship rule book is thrown out the window.

On the weekend the Venus-Jupiter square  plus an annoying Mercury in Gemini inconjunct Saturn in Scorpio hints at lovers promising the moon but being unable to deliver. Since the Moon is in conventional Capricorn both Saturday and Sunday, overstepping bounds could be met with sharp disapproval from parents and peers.

Mercury in Gemini is a bright spot this week. It is in the information gathering and dissemination business, something it does very well now. Mercury starts off the week trine to Mars in Libra, an excellent aspect for being assertive without veering off into aggressive. The inconjunct to Pluto in Capricorn on Wednesday reminds us honesty really is the best policy.

By Thursday Mercury in Gemini is happily sextile the Venus-Uranus conjunction in Aries, perfect for making spontaneous, witty remarks, especially when attempting to impress a potential lover. This is a wonderful aspect for making sudden realizations and coming up with brilliant solutions to nagging problems.

The sense I have is even though the cardinal Grand Cross planets will be triggered this week, there is a good chance we will be dealing with the continuation of issues raised in April. An active Mercury promotes better communications. With a strengthening fire and air influence, we may finally begin to realize we have options we didn’t see before. Imagination is the key.

Personal Update: You may have noticed I have been posting less frequently recently and it is because my father is very ill. He is still in the hospital and I am taking over handling his financial affairs . . . probably for some time to come. Right now I’m recovering from Saturn in Scorpio conjoining my Mars for a week or so and I’m  feeling somewhat flattened. Saturn has very heavy feet!

If you know your Rising sign, please read the horoscope for it too. 😀

You tend to act on impulse on occasion, Aries, and this week could turn out to be one of those times. Whether it is getting hit over the head by love at first sight or deciding on the spur of the moment to make a major purchase, you are going to driven by what you want.

This looks to be one of those times, Taurus, when your partner’s wishes are probably going to weigh heavily with you . . . whether you like it or not. Be sure to listen from the heart as well as the mind when considering how to handle this. Be careful about digging those hooves in, OK?

Gemini, I’m pretty certain you are a happy camper now. You finally feel free to let your imagination roam wild and free just the way you like it! Wednesday and Sunday are the days when others may attempt to rein you in but I doubt if those will be more than speed bumps.

Hopefully there are enough pleasant moments in your life these days, Cancer, to offset the sudden dramatic eruptions with your parents or on the job. It is worth remembering that not all unexpected events are bad, something there are happy surprises too though both can be exhausting.

If someone offers you an opportunity to do some traveling now, Leo, it could be hard for you to turn it down. It depends on what is going on with your work and your family these days. Obligations at home may keep you from leaving now. Darn.

Juggling texts, phone calls and emails, most of which are probably work related, may be your life these days, Virgo. Usually you handle this sort of thing quite well but this week it may be more challenging to come up with the right words. Make sure you have a quiet place you can retreat to during your breaks.

Attempting to keep up with your significant other’s mood swings this week may be challenging, Libra. You still probably have to put out fires at home and work occasionally, so maybe it would be good to disengage enough to find the situation amusing rather than overwhelming.

It is up to you, Scorpio, whether or not others see you are strong and dependable or as overly controlling. Even though it might feel like no one else is as responsible as you are, they usually don’t like to have this pointed out. Your efforts are not going unnoticed though.

Your significant other could be especially entertaining this week, Sagittarius. Their quick wit and droll observations can keep you in stitches. Unexpected invitations to go out and play might come your way. Choose simple pleasures over the weekend to avoid running up a bigger bill than you can easily afford.

Just when you thought your home life was quieting down, Capricorn, something could come up this week to suggest otherwise. There is a possibility this could be a pleasant surprise but it may still prove disruptive. Lean on your partner and friends for moral support.

As long as you make taking care of work demands a priority now, Aquarius, you should still be able to find time to play or dive into a new and exciting creative project. If nothing else, be sure to write down your more inspired ideas before you forget them.

Conversations with various family members may be highly entertaining for you now, Pisces, and have nuggets of valuable information regarding interesting and unusual ways for improving your financial situation. Social events over the weekend could be exhausting if you let yourself stay too long.

Image: © Lorenzo DiMauro


3 responses to “Libra Weekly Horoscopes for May 12, 2014

  1. Bless you Diane, same here with Saturns jack boot dance. My full moon conjunct neptune better turn me in to a wizard else I’m off! xoxKaz

  2. Hi Diane, Thanks for keeping in touch with your weekly updates. So sorry to hear about your Dad, heavyweight Saturn can be most trying – I’m a cappy, so he’s always around.
    Most sincere wishes to both you and your Dad at this difficult time.

  3. The Scorpio full moon is right on my 23 degree Scorpio Ascendant. Lately, I’ve done a lot of forgiving, understanding, getting the facts before I make decisions and it’s working. My personal life is better than it’s been in years (for which I am really, really happy) and I’m coming into my own at work. Hopefully, this full moon will move closer to end some of the unhappiness of the last few years. I hope things get better for you and your father. I had a similar family situation during my first Saturn Return and I was so tired I was re-acting to situations instead of acting.

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