Full Moon in Scorpio, May 14, 2014

Full Moon in Scorpio

Full Moon in Scorpio

Powerful undertows are always a part of the Scorpio Full Moon and this one at 23° 55′ Scorpio on 14 May 2014, 12:17 PM PDT, is no exception. Saturn in Scorpio conjoins the Moon and for those who have been attempting to evade the Lord of Karma, this Full Moon may prove to be a time of reckoning. People with their natal Saturn from 18° to 24° in the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) are most likely to feel Saturn’s boot prints on their backs but anyone who has personal planets or Angles at those degrees in the fixed signs could get frequent reminders about accepting responsibility for one’s actions with grace. After all, Saturn in Scorpio is all about grace under pressure.

Saturn does have a mutual support arrangement with Jupiter in Cancer thanks to a waxing trine which will be exact on May 24 at 19°. We might be surprised to find our extended family is happy to cheer us up if we need it. The type of assistance Saturn provides is bound to be very valuable in a pragmatic manner. For instance, the uncle who shows up in his pickup truck with his chain saws to help clear away the tree that landed on your house. Mess gets cleaned up, someone ends up with a nice pile of firewood and it becomes clearer what the next step is to fully repair the damage.

Mars in Libra is now at his station degree of 9° Libra and will remain there until June 1 after going direct May 19. On this lunation the closest aspect Mars makes is an inconjunct to Neptune in Pisces, increasing the sense of lethargy and listlessness. This is a far better time to go on retreat and contemplate our inner workings than getting involved in projects demanding a frontal assault. Those with their Sun in Aries, Aries Rising or Mars in Libra natally have the greatest probability of feeling overloaded or having their progress slowed to a crawl now.

Currently retrograde Mars in Libra is in mutual reception with Venus in Aries. Usually Mars tends to dominate Venus but in this instance I feel they are more or less on equal footing. Both planets are in detriment but while Venus is forthright and direct about her needs in Aries, Mars is further weakened by being retrograde and is rather passive. Putting Mars further on the defensive is the conjunction of Venus and Uranus. The only hope for a fruitful dialogue between lovers may come from the fact both planets are harmoniously aspecting Mercury in Gemini. They could suffer information overload as Mercury happily offers a wide variety of options but they probably won’t be bored. This Mercury will cheerfully throw in a witty remark or two to get everyone laughing and break the ice. Progress is possible!

A more serious aspect is the square between the Venus-Uranus conjunction in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. This pits the rulers of Taurus and Scorpio against each other, not always a good thing. Venus-Uranus may feel they have to fight for even the smallest expression of independence while Pluto can make a good case for remaining in control to protect them. Here again Mercury as the messenger of the gods can be of help in resolving supposedly irresolvable issues, many of which were brought to light during period when the Grand Cross was ruling the skies. Full Moons have a way of shining light into the darker corners of our beings and if we allow ourselves to recognize those, we can begin to work on accepting the fact all of us have a dark side. In this situation even the smallest gains are important. Above all work very, very, very hard to avoid expectations of a specific outcome and/or making assumptions . . . both are major pitfalls.

One thing this Full Moon in Scorpio celebrates is the renewal of life. Taurus and Scorpio are both fertile signs though they express this in different ways. Taurus embraces the senses and delights in all the rich greens and fragrant flowers of spring. Scorpio is as much about rebirth as it is about the death that precedes it. Together they remind us to appreciate each day as it comes and live as much in the moment as possible.

On a personal note: This period between the Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse and the Scorpio Full Moon have been filled with doctors, lawyers, financial advisers, Living Wills, and all sorts of Scorpio/eighth house matters. My daily routines were turned upside down and I’ve been frantically busy. Jupiter in Cancer squared my Libra Moon from the eighth house while Uranus in Aries opposed it from the fifth. Saturn in Scorpio has FINALLY moved off my Mars by this Full Moon but, dang, Saturn has heavy feet! I started writing this post about a week ago but kept getting interrupted.

What I’m hoping is the Full Moon will see the culmination of most intense phase of my father’s hospital stay which began a day or so after the Aries Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. I’m sure I will continue to deal with the fallout of this event but in a less dramatic manner. Bills will be coming in and need to be handled for quite some time.

As for this lunation, the Full Moon is within a degree or two of my Ascendant-Mercury in Scorpio with the Taurus Sun close to my Descendant. The Venus-Uranus conjunction opposes my Libra Moon from the fifth house while Mercury in Gemini conjoins my North Node . . . yes, probably why I’m going into this whole scenario in more depth than usual! 😀


6 responses to “Full Moon in Scorpio, May 14, 2014

  1. This Scorpio Full Moon is right on my Ascendant. I guess this will affect us dramatically. I have been through a similar situation like yours during my first Saturn Return and as an only child, it was my responsibility. I hope things work out well for you. Libras have had a full plate these past few years.

  2. “Those with their Sun in Aries, Aries Rising or Mars in Libra natally have the greatest probability of feeling overloaded or having their progress slowed to a crawl now.” That about sums it up–I’ve an Aries sun, and everything (job hunting) seems to have crawled to a standstill… It’s more than maddening. It’s not just that my phone isn’t ringing, I, too, feel tuckered out by this whole process, really feels like I need to re-assess (I have a planet at 11 Aries, too, so it’s been a long haul).

    I hope your father’s health improves!

  3. Wishing you strength to deal with it all.

    Me, I just noticed Saturn is right on my natal Sun. Waiting for the effect yet…

  4. Dear Diane,
    I hope your father is comfortable and getting well. He is blessed to have you. Take care to find some relaxation time for you too.
    Much love to you.

  5. Goodness, what an intense time for you, Diane. Serious stuff. I do hope your father makes good progress and you will be able to relax just a little in the coming weeks.

    Thank you for the reminder that Mars is currently inconjunct Neptune. I’d completely overlooked this. Neptune is currently in my 6th house for a long stay (sigh) and this inconjunct might explain the annoying flare-up of my long-standing digestive issues. Never mind, this too shall pass and Mars will soon be direct again and moving on!

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