Sun in Gemini, a Breath of Fresh Air

Sun in Gemini

Sun in Gemini

As we leave fertile, earthy Taurus for the breath of fresh air that is Gemini on May 20, the Grand Cross is finally history, Mars in Libra is direct and there is enough fire and air to bring the skies into a better balance. One of air’s gifts is detachment, making it easier to review the events of the past month from a better perspective. For many of us that is sorely needed because we need to take a step back before figuring out what we want to do next.

The first week the Sun is in Gemini, its ruler Mercury is too. We could end up with everyone attempting to talk at once and multitasking like crazy. There is a pent up demand for light hearted conversations leavened with plenty of wit and humor. It is natural to want to take a break from the heaviness of recent days. Since the first major aspect the Sun makes is a square to Neptune in Pisces on May 28, (the day of the New Moon in Gemini) there could be a collective moment of denial. As long as we come to our senses shortly thereafter, it probably won’t do any harm. Besides, Mercury will be entering Cancer the following day emphasizing the need to pay attention to non-verbal communications.

The newly direct Mars in Libra gets a momentary boost from a trine to the Gemini Sun on May 31. The resulting activity is more likely to be more mental than physical as both Gemini and Libra are air signs. This is also the first aspect to a planet involved in the Grand Cross with the next one being the inconjunct to Pluto in Capricorn on June 3, followed by a sextile to Uranus in Aries on June 6 and completed with a semi-sextile to Jupiter in Cancer on June 13. Being spread out over a two week period clearly demonstrates the dissolution of the Grand Cross. Perhaps this means being able to finally let go of difficult situations and move on.

I almost hate to mention it but there is a Mercury Retrograde period starting on June 7 at 3° Cancer. Mercury returns to Gemini on June 17, just in time to conjoin the Sun on June 19 shortly before the Summer Solstice on June 21. It is as if Mercury simply had to do a meet and greet with the Sun before it left Gemini for Cancer. Mercury retrogrades in Gemini bring out the inherent duality in the sign and can be very easy or downright nasty . . . or both. *ducks*

One of the best ways to take advantage of the bright, cheerful, outgoing Gemini energy is to catch up with close friends, say “hi” to your siblings, respond to those phone calls and messages that have been sitting there forever and generally exercise your social muscles. Gemini encourages the gathering and dissemination of information too. Have a few laughs and enjoy your favorite mental distractions!

Image: Gemini © Stephanie Pui-Mun Law