Happy Venus Comes Home to Taurus

Taurus by Pat Brennen 525

Queen of comfort is one way to describe Venus in Taurus. Her ability to home in on the crème de la crème of creature comforts is phenomenal. Often the challenge for those with this Venus is being able to afford those champagne tastes on a beer budget.

Unlike Venus’s journey through Aries when she was being knocked about at every turn by the outer planets, Venus in Taurus has a very easy time of it. Neptune in Pisces greets her with enthusiasm via a sextile on June 4; helping lovers everywhere fulfill their romantic expectations, in part because those expectations are closer to reality than is often the case. And despite an inconjunct to Mars in Libra on June 7 which seriously messes with timing as in one person is in the mood and the other is not, a trine to Pluto in Capricorn on June 8 promises a renewal of passion. Maybe plenty of makeup sex?

With some empathetic help from Chiron in Pisces, Venus will be willing to see the complementary side of her opposition to Saturn in Scorpio on June 13 . . . which also happens to be when the Moon is full in Sagittarius. Venus-Saturn aspects are less about being passionately in love and more about realizing you can depend on one another through thick and thin. That’s the reason Venus-Saturn aspects, both hard and flowing, are quite common in synastry between people in lasting committed relationships.

Less than a week before Venus leaves Taurus for flirty Gemini on June 28, she happily embraces her favorite companion, Jupiter in Cancer, on June 18. I foresee plenty of good food and drink being offered to loved ones because both Taurus and Cancer show their affection with eatables. People out gift shopping for their sweetie will probably head for the places selling fine wine and chocolates. Either that or make reservations for their favorite place to eat.

Venus ruled Taurus and Libra folk should enjoy the next three and a half weeks very much. They might gain a pound or two sampling too many sweets but it will be worth it. Libra in particular found Venus’s stay in Aries trying. Here’s to taking some time here and there to relax with loved ones. Gather fresh, fragrant flowers for your home or saunter along in a nearby park to enjoy all the lovely blooms. Whatever you are doing for fun and relaxation, don’t get in a big hurry . . . that’s not Venus in Taurus’s style.

Image: © Pat Brennan


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  1. Hi Diane,

    How is your father doing, as well as you? Venus just entered my 6th house and I have to have a medical procedure tomorrow that a month ago was not anticipated. Nothing serious, but invasive and at present, something that need to be taken care of. I’m really glad I’ve got Venus giving me a helping hand. Is she transiting your 6th also?

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