Libra Weekly Horoscopes for June 2, 2014


First week in June finds the Gemini Sun feeling peevish and uncomfortable. Mercury in Cancer is slowing to station retrograde June 7 and that never sets well with Gemini. Gemini was so happy the past couple of weeks when Mercury was in Gemini sextile Venus in Aries. Life was sweet, the flirting was easy and now all that is changing. Not only is the pace of communications sluggish but both Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn are sitting in judgment hinting at the need to rethink recent decisions.

Don’t despair . . . a sextile to Uranus in Aries on Friday will help the Gemini Sun come up with workarounds. However getting those into place probably won’t be very effective as long as Mercury is retrograde. Gives us plenty of time to work out all the bugs, right?

Creativity and romance thrive this week thanks to a Venus-Neptune sextile midweek. Tangible expressions of love and affection are the ticket with Venus in Taurus. Pretty words are not enough now. The same goes with artwork. Tactile mediums are the best and ideally all your physical senses will be engaged.

Rein in romantic expectations for the weekend when Venus is inconjunct Mars in Libra and trine Pluto in Capricorn. Working out timing problems could be the biggest challenge, not a lack of passion. Besides, there might be communication issues because of Mercury’s station. If you can’t reach your lover to let them know your car won’t start or there was a family emergency, it probably won’t be pretty. Plan ahead and keep things simple.

We may feel Mercury slowing to station this week more keenly than usual because the Sun is in Mercury ruled Gemini and the recent Mercury-Venus sextile had boosted our expectations regarding communications in general. Now is a good time to start planning for speed bumps. Allow extra travel time, make sure your phone is fully charged, back up your computers and take a solemn vow to be as patient as possible.

If you know your Rising sign, please read the horoscope for it too. 😀

Just as you were feeling confident about being able to make appointments on time and complete work projects on schedule, Aries, you start running into small but annoying problems. This hurts more than usual because you finally have energy to spare and are raring to go again.

Taurus, ordinarily your natural tendency to be methodical helps prevent errors caused by getting ahead of yourself but starting this week you might want to take extra precautions to prevent miscommunications. On the plus side, this week looks good for attracting favorable attention, especially of the romantic variety.

This could be a trying week for you, Gemini, especially if you attempt to maintain your usual brisk pace with plenty of multi-tasking. Even if you know darn good and well you are not at fault, you may end feeling picked on anyway. Take it all in stride and be patient for now.

Your natural sensitivity to other people’s moods and feelings may stand you in good stead this week, Cancer, because you’ll know when to smile and when to duck out of sight. Attending social gatherings with your partner may turn out to be quite enjoyable now, perhaps to your surprise!

This looks like one of those weeks, Leo, when being at work could be more rewarding than hanging out with your friends. Social activities could be complicated by familial obligations as well as scheduling problems. So you may as well throw your heart into your work instead.

You should be able to manage quite well this week, Virgo, in large part because you tend to be very well organized and seldom leave important details to chance. Brace yourself for a minor crisis or three at work because plenty of other people prefer to fly by the seat of their pants.

Hopefully this week will mark a turnaround in your energy levels, Libra. It has been awhile since you felt on the top of your game. Being kind and gracious will work out far better for you this week than snapping and snarling at folks, even if that’s how you feel. Put on your best smile before heading out the door.

You are not fond of being the person who points out the flaws in someone else’s exciting plans, Scorpio, but you also know if you don’t, who will? By the way, if you are considering doing some traveling in the near future, be very careful to double check all the details before leaving home.

Your relationship with your significant other could need attention this week, Sagittarius, and if acknowledging some of your shortcomings is what it takes, don’t hesitate to do so. The best day this week to make amends without putting your foot even deeper in your mouth is Friday. Good luck!

Dealing with coworkers could give you heartburn early in the week, Capricorn, but the pace at work should continue to improve. Do make time to relax and play with your sweetheart and/or your children this week. That may go a long ways to brightening your outlook in general.

Rather than beat your head against the wall attempting to deal with a reluctant lover or a creative project that won’t jell, Aquarius, devote more time to your home and family now. It’s a great time to realize how much you value them.

Following your muse this week, Pisces, may bring you a great deal of satisfaction. Being able to take an idea and turn it into a tangible reality is pretty amazing. This is not the best time to have friends over to visit though. Maybe next week?

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  1. Hope your guys are doing better, Diane, and you’re enjoying the early summer weather. I’m trying to – but Saturn is exactly squaring my Moon right now! Lots of work, and very tired, but trying to get some rest and balance, too. At least it’s not depressing me this time (may help that there’s lots of sunshine and warmth this time around!). Also transiting Chiron is opposing my Sun within a degree (will station before reaching 18, but still…) so I’m watching that. I’ll be visiting my 86-yo dad mid-June – guess that could be the Saturn in my 4th. 🙂

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