Libra Weekly Horoscopes for June 9, 2014


If I didn’t know the Sun was in airy Gemini, I’d think we had skipped over into Cancer season. The week starts out with an underwater feel to it. The Scorpio Moon is trine a stationing Neptune in Pisces and Mercury in Cancer is now retrograde. It is far better for dancing and dreaming the night away than heading off to work on Monday. Those whose jobs require mental acuity could have a rough go of it the first couple of days this week. Lots of caffeine might do the trick but it could also result in mindless babbling.

On Wednesday the Moon enters Sagittarius and the build up to the Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 12-13 begins. The two strongest aspects this week are Venus in Taurus opposing Saturn in Scorpio just before the Full Moon and Mars in Libra squaring Pluto in Capricorn shortly after. In other words from June 12 to June 14 the celestial pot will be stirred . . . vigorously!

There is a big difference between the Venus-Saturn opposition and the Mars-Pluto square. The first is in fixed signs and is softened considerably by Chiron in Pisces trine Saturn and sextile Venus. The key is allowing our vulnerabilities to show, rather than saying “I’m fine” when we’re not. To be accepted and loved as we are can be a deeply healing experience, something the healer in both Scorpio and Pisces delight in.

The second is in cardinal signs and a direct Mars in Libra is a lot more willing to stand up and push back at Pluto in Cappy. It hasn’t been that long since the Grand Cross in April and all the issues raised at that time are still going to be fresh in our minds. The square will put the most pressure on 12° in the cardinal signs. In case you’re wondering, Mars in Libra won’t oppose Uranus in Aries until June 25 and won’t catch up to Jupiter at all before it moves into Leo, which is fine with me. Jupiter created enough trouble during the Grand Cross, blowing everything out of proportion.

By the way, Saturday is not the best day for getting together with friends and family because the Capricorn Moon hits all the Grand Cross planets one after another. Plenty of scowling faces and people competing instead of cooperating may be the norm. Either Friday night or Sunday is better for pleasant social events.

Least you forget this is the first week of Mercury retrograde in Cancer too. Err on the side of caution and treat everyone gently and respectfully because there will be plenty of people feeling very thin skinned this week. Play nice, people!

If you know your Rising sign, please read the horoscope for it too. 😀

About the time you feel like everything is putting along a good clip, Aries, you could run afoul of problems on the job such as an employer who wants to totally micromanage everything. You are among those who may want to schedule weekend activities with others either Friday or Sunday. Just saying . . .

Being pleasant and charming comes easily to you now, Taurus, and you may have gotten overconfident and asked too much of your significant other. Since you know you have a history of ending up in stalemates, maybe it’s time to reconsider your tactics and allow your tender, vulnerable side to show.

Your brain may have felt like it was put on pause this past weekend, Gemini, making you feel a little nutty. Be aware you might not be communicating as effectively as you think the first part of the week. Best chance to figure out what’s going with you comes later in the week through conversations with old friends or your partner.

Cancer, you are very good at hiding your feelings behind your “shell” or social persona. This week you may find yourself leaning on that ability more than usual because your internal dialogue is quite distracting. Some of April’s issues could come back to haunt you late this week like it or not.

Depending on your mood, Leo, you could opt for making the social scene late this week or you could take the time to see about resolving a situation involving family demands and pleasing your employer. Whatever you choose, please do your best to remain open and flexible in your thinking.

Being flexible is your best option now, Virgo, and you are surprisingly good at it. It would be good to pay close attention to both your employer and various family members when they show up asking for your time. A long time friend may have helpful insights for you too this week. Active listening time!

Chatting with close friends can give you a much needed break, Libra, but you will probably be drawn right back into the fray this weekend. Sometimes you have no choice but to step up and take action. At least you have more energy than you did in recent weeks.

You may not like to admit it, Scorpio, but you have your insecurities like everyone else and they may get in the way of resolving differences with your significant other this week. Remember the best answers are often the simplest and your best bet is to go with your inner child on this one.

Slightly confused start to your week, Sagittarius, which might be due to having too many distractions and people competing for your attention. A general sense of restlessness could strike you late this week along with the desire to make changes. Take some time to review your current situation before making any radical moves.

As much as you’d like to make time for more leisure activities now, Capricorn, your plans to do so may hit a snag this week. You might get hit with a return of career related issues you thought you had resolved earlier plus getting a straight answer out of your partner (personal and/or work) might be harder than usual. Good luck sorting this out!

You might be tempted to overindulge when you are out and about this week, Aquarius. What seems like fun at the time may turn out to be riskier than you thought and could even cause you to miss work . . . something your boss is bound to frown on. Be careful out there!

Pisces, you could start off the week wandering around in a fog though this should begin to clear away by midweek. This is one of those times when following your first intuitive response may work out better than using logic and reason. Avoid group activities on Saturday if you can.

Image: © Jeremiah Morelli