Libra Weekly Horoscopes for June 16, 2014

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We have a chance to catch our breath this week as long as we stay focused in the present. The Mars-Pluto square is officially behind us and Mars won’t be opposing Uranus in Aries until next week, giving us an opportunity to find some peace and quiet. If anyone wants to worry about both of these Mars aspects, please feel free to do so . . . I’d rather not, thank you very much. Worrying is hard on my stomach. 😀

Mercury slips back into Gemini on Tuesday and even though it is still retrograde, it will help us regain some detachment again. The Gemini Sun catches up with Mercury on Thursday and hopefully this duo will turn the lights back on in our brains.

We are now counting down the days to the Solstice on Saturday, June 21, when the Sun dives into watery Cancer. That means we only have a few days left in Gemini season, so all you fire and air sign folk better make the most of them. Having Mercury in Gemini will help offset the watery influence to some degree and when Venus leaves earthy Taurus for Gemini next Monday, June 23, balance will be achieved between our heads (air) and our hearts (water). We do make better decisions when neither our intellect nor our emotions dominate.

For who enjoy the simple pleasures in life, placid Venus in Taurus is sextile generous Jupiter in Cancer on Wednesday. This easy going aspect will be in play most of the week and if we end up eating and drinking too much this week, go ahead and blame this aspect. There is nothing Taurus and Cancer enjoy more than introducing their friends and family to gastronomic delights. Treats for everyone!

In these stressful times, peaceful moments are a gift. It is up to us to use those wisely to heal and renew our inner resources. Hey, everyone deserves a time out occasionally, right?!

If you know your Rising sign, please read the horoscope for it too. 😀

Aries, there might be quite a few of your tribe who have been under the gun in recent weeks for one reason or another and you deserve a chance to blow off some steam. Grab some time this week because next week looks like it will be back in the fire again for you.

One thing most of you are very, very good at, Taurus, is knowing exactly where to find the most delicious eats! This week you will probably be happily introducing your loved ones to some of your favorites and encouraging them to spread the word. Nothing says loving like serving up your favorite comfort food.

The less said about last week the better, Gemini, and I hope you will find the change in atmosphere this week more to your liking. If you have people you need to touch base with or important discussions to initiate, do your best to schedule those for this week. No procrastinating please!

You know the advice I offered above about not worrying this week, Cancer? You might want to give that some thought. If you are interested in pleasant distractions, you shouldn’t have to look very far because your friends and associates will probably be willing to help you with that. I do recommend going out rather than entertaining at home for now.

Let’s hope your smiling face brings you favorable recognition on the job this week, Leo, because chances are good you deserve it for all the work you’ve been putting in behind the scenes. Do make time for hanging out with your peers and enjoying yourself now too. Not that you need much encouragement.

Even though you would rather be doing something fun, Virgo, you may want to devote the better part of your energies this week to finishing up important projects for your work. You should find it easier to get your point across effectively the latter half of the week. If you want a pleasant distraction, make vacation plans.

If you keep your attention firmly fixed in the now, Libra, this could be a very pleasant week for you. Resist the temptation to fuss about recent family issues among other things. Take a positive attitude with you to your job and enjoy the favorable response. Brighten up your work space with fresh flowers or nice artwork if you can.

I’m betting you would benefit from some downtime, Scorpio, because you seldom allow yourself enough time off to really relax very often. This week your partner could have some great ideas on ways for the two of you to enjoy life. Going out to your favorite place for a good meal sounds good.

Make time to hang out with an old friend or your significant other this week, Sagittarius, and enjoy some stimulating conversation to get your mind cranked up again. This is also an excellent week to work on improving your health and wellness routines which may result in a renewed sense of purpose and energy.

After a rather stressful time last week, Capricorn, it would be a great idea to spend time this week doing simple, relaxing things like playing with your children, relaxing with a creative project or taking your sweetheart out to dinner. Let those messages from coworkers go directly to voice mail. You can get back to them later.

Consider dividing your time and energy between lounging around the house and/or catching up with your lover, Aquarius. If you’re feeling especially frazzled these days, I’d suggest doing a mini-retreat at home with relaxing music, soft lights and a nice, leisurely bubble bath. Only talk to those people you know won’t push your buttons. LOL

Anyone who needs suggestions for the best ways to live a relaxed life need only ask you, Pisces . . . it’s something you’re usually good at. Not wandering too far from home looks like the best bet this week and if you do go out, you may choose to stay within your neighborhood.

Image:  © Diane Lang


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