Libra Weekly Horoscopes for June 30, 2014


Mercury in Gemini stations direct at 24° on July 1!! Yay! Yes, that’s the biggest news of the week and more importantly it marks the end of what seemed like an endless stream of retrograde personal planets. We started out the year with Venus retrograde, followed by a Mercury retrograde, then the biggie, the memorable Mars in Libra retrograde period which ended in May. When Mercury, Venus and Mars are retrograde, the experience is much more up close and personal than when the outer planets are traveling in reverse. We’re overdue for a break!

Typically a few days before and after a Mercury station are the most intense because Mercury is at a virtual standstill. But I’m thinking we might see the movement of information pick up speed more quickly than usual because Mercury is in Gemini. One of Gemini’s big things is facilitating the flow of data and disseminating it far and wide. Be aware some of the information might be a bit garbled initially and in need of serious editing, so review carefully before using it.

Venus in Gemini runs into control freak Pluto in Capricorn of Thursday, much to her dismay. Pluto in Cappy has little tolerance for being lied to or being cheated on, and with Pluto the reaction can be very ruthless and final. Apologies probably aren’t going to cut it, so think about your behaviors ahead of time . . . please.

Adding more weight to the end of the week is the Cancer Sun-Pluto in Capricorn opposition. This always feels like both parents saying “you’re grounded!” with that sad but firm look in their eyes. We may not always agree with those in authority but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to take a deeper look into why certain rules were made in the first place.

Over the weekend the Libra Moon is harassed on Saturday by Pluto, the Sun, Uranus and Mars. Shall we say tact and kindness are the best way to go while holding off until Sunday before planning social outings? Sunday brings Venus in Gemini sextile Uranus in Aries which may lead to spontaneous displays of affection. Not a bad note to end the week on!

Patience will be needed this week as well as the need to treat others with kindness and respect. Liberal applications of tolerance and forgiveness would go over well too.

If you know your Rising sign, please read the horoscope for it too. 😀

I know being patient and tactful is not usually your best thing, Aries, but it sure wouldn’t hurt to try practicing both this week. As usual you have a lot going on, most of which you feel should be done yesterday. Your ability to communicate effectively improves as the week goes on.

Usually, Taurus, you prefer to let life unfold as it will because you typically aren’t in that big a hurry. However when it comes to people not paying you in a timely manner, you can get a bit temperamental. This should improve by the weekend so please don’t trample anyone, OK?

The first part of the week, Gemini, you may keep having the problem of your brain running ahead of your mouth and stumbling over words. Not something you usually have difficulties with. Get through this week as best you can and go play with friends on Sunday. All’s well that ends well, right?!

You should be able to navigate the rough waters for most of the week just fine, Cancer. Things could get interesting for you on Friday and over the weekend. Confrontations with your partner late in the week may be intense, in part due to expectations on both sides. Be gentle with yourself.

Sorting out your social obligations to make sure you didn’t double book yourself, Leo, takes precedence the first of the week. It could take some sincere apologies and maybe a little groveling on your part to make things right. It might not be easy to be tactful this weekend but please do your best.

You may need to be extra patient when dealing with people at work early in the week, Virgo, something that could be more of a challenge than usual. You are very aware there is a backlog of information sitting somewhere that others may expect you to deal with. Please refrain from combining business with pleasure this week.

As long as you behave with discretion and be your usual tactful self, Libra, the first part of the week should go OK. Where things could get interesting for you is late in the week and on Saturday. Dealing with your extended family could make you very short tempered. Take time for yourself Sunday.

One thing you might be called on to do this week, Scorpio, is help find a way to help your friends bridge some philosophical differences they have. However it will go better if you maintain a position of strict neutrality . . . not usually your best thing. Spend some time alone on the weekend.

It may get easier to find time to sit down and chat with your significant other soon, Sagittarius, though I don’t recommend getting into a serious discussion about money issues this week. That could end up in a stalemate. Sunday is the best day to go out and play.

If you’ve been working on making positive changes in your work habits, Capricorn, you may experience a turnaround in that area this week. Letting go of exacting expectations is one place to start. When it comes to your partner, please consider the value of compromise. It won’t hurt you know.

Whether it is a budding romance that’s been on hold or a creative breakthrough you’ve been seeking, Aquarius, you may finally begin to see some movement this week. The best ideas about how to achieve your dreams could come over the weekend but first you might have to get out of your own way.

As much as you want to take time for more leisure activities, Pisces, first you may have to resolve matters on the home front . . . probably because you won’t hear the end of it unless you do. Your time and money could come together to do so over the weekend.

Image: © Cancer by  Jena Dellagrottaglia


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