Full Moon in Capricorn, July 12, 2014

Full Moon in Capricorn

Full Moon in Capricorn

There is a cardinal Grand Cross on the Full Moon at 20° 03′ Capricorn on 12 July 2014, 04:25 AM PDT, created by the Cancer Sun, Capricorn Moon, North Node in Libra, South Node in Aries and Mars in Libra. Don’t worry, it is a garden variety Grand Cross . . . nothing like the one back in April with the Uranus-Pluto square. Mars is the only planet taking part in both Grand Crosses and it is on its best behavior conjoining Ceres in Libra and the North Node. Perhaps this time we will be able to finally begin to clearly see the issues we were buried under back in April.

The Full Moon in patient, logical Capricorn stands ready to shine its light into our lives and show us where we need to put in some hard work to achieve our goals. Capricorn’s ruler, Saturn, is sextile the Full Moon and trine the Cancer Sun reinforcing the theme of taking responsibility and doing the work so necessary to success of almost any kind. Since the lunation chart is dominated by cardinal water, taking steps to look after our families while being sensitive to the feelings of those we love is very important.

Ceres, Mars and the North Node in Libra bring out the best of Libra, a sign noted for a strong sense of fairness, equity and a willingness to negotiate a win win outcome for all parties. Of course, all will need to compromise but it can be done. Ceres in Libra knows everyone thrives when they feel their efforts are appreciated and fairly rewarded. Mars is there to see people take the necessary action while the North Node in Libra provides the framework and vision for the path forward. The Aries South Node’s need to go it alone is overruled by the strongly supported North Node.

Ideally, the Libra contingent will be able to work with the Cancer-Capricorn axis to bring everyone together. If we acknowledge the need for individuality (Aries South Node) yet show respect for family traditions, perhaps we can find a way to appreciate and accept how much stronger we all are when we work together as a team. This Grand Cross pattern holds the potential to see each side’s point of view and where they stand. Hey, the first step to figuring out what to do is to clearly identify the problem!

Both Mercury in Gemini and Jupiter in Cancer are poised at 29°, ready to move into the next sign. By the next lunation, the Leo New Moon, Jupiter will be in fiery Leo and Mercury back in closemouthed Cancer. The semi-sextile between these two planets has a feeling of finality. Check to see where those planets fall in your natal chart to help determine what may be coming to a conclusion in your life.

A trine from cheery Venus in Gemini to Mars-Ceres in Libra promises good things in the love and romance department. It ought to be easy to come up with great ideas about how to make your sweetheart feel loved and appreciated. Share a moment of beauty together or give flowers and a card expressing your heart felt feelings.

Acting as a brake on the Uranus-Pluto square is Saturn in Scorpio. Saturn is inconjunct Uranus in Aries and sextile Pluto in Capricorn for the last time and we may revisit issues brought up late last year. Practical solutions based in reality will be the most easily sold to the powers that be. In a sense, Saturn acts as the anchor on this Full Moon, all to the good.

Standing outside of the fray again, Neptune in Pisces quietly swims along at 7°. Unless you have personal planets or an Ascendant at 7° in the mutable signs, Neptune will probably fly under your radar. No bad thing in my opinion!

We may finally be able to make some tough choices on this Capricorn Full Moon. However it would be best if those choices are made jointly. Put all the information on the table and make sure everyone has a chance to say their piece. Be as kind and tactful as possible when presenting your case, especially if emotions are running high. Clearing the way to move forward may not be easy or pleasant but it is necessary. Blessings and Light to all.

On a personal note: Another mixed bag lunation for me with the Sun exactly trine my Mars in Scorpio and the Moon sextile to it. Jupiter in Cancer squares my 29° Libra Sun whilst Mercury in Gemini is trine to it. Since both my Sun and Mars are in the twelfth house, acting on behalf of others continues to be a theme in my life.

Mars and Ceres in Libra are within degree of the midpoint between my Sun and Moon which puts me right in the Libra hot seat! Right in the middle of negotiations!

2 responses to “Full Moon in Capricorn, July 12, 2014

  1. Hi Diane,

    Hope things are getting better for you after ahectic few months.

    How will this Full Moon affect my transiting Pluto in second house Cappy. I wouldn’t be too concerned, ordinarily, but it is the second.

  2. Hi Diane,

    Yes you might have an active role to play in all kinds of negotiations (I would imagine!)This full moon falls squarely in my first house. I think it represents reclaiming power (since Saturn is in Scorpio) and also taking some initiative in terms of fulfilling my goals, personal and professional. Let’s see how it all plays out. Saturn in Scorpio has manifested a few surprises (some good and some rather painful)for me. All the best to you 🙂

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