Libra Weekly Horoscopes for July 7, 2014


Tumultuous start to the week due to the Cancer Sun squaring Uranus in Aries on Tuesday and Venus in Gemini getting her feelings hurt by both Saturn and Chiron on Monday. Saturday’s Full Moon in Capricorn looks to be another milestone because many people will find they have gone as far as they can on a certain path, for better or worse. No getting around it, we’ll have plenty to think about this week.

The Cancer Sun triggering the Uranus-Pluto square probably introduced us to all kinds of security issues depending on where Aries, Cancer and Capricorn fall in your chart. Since Mars and the North Node are in Libra now, it is relationships of all stripes I vote most likely to be highlighted. Whether it is our relationship with money, lover, spouse, children, boss, coworkers, all types of friends or job, we may need to examine those relationships to determine how big a role feeling secure plays. Are we staying in them because we are afraid of what would become of us if we leave? Or do we stay because we are better for participating in them. If we realize we really, truly want to make a change, then in my opinion the decision must be a mutual one based on input from all parties. Screaming explicatives and slamming the door behind us is a bad idea and likely to backfire. Go the painful but rational discussion route if you possibly can. Probably the most important realization has to do with far more downsides to upsides in staying in place.

Soothing the Cancer Sun after its run in with Uranus are Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces. Those three form a harmonious Grand Trine on July 8 and offer a path to healing the wounds left by the Uranus-Pluto square. This may take some painfully honest self examination but it will be worth it.

Venus in Gemini has a rocky start to her week but it does end quite well. After running afoul of the water sign duo of Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces the first of the week where she may be sharply reminded about keeping her flirtatious ways within bounds, Mars in Libra gallantly steps up to soothe her wounds on Sunday. By the way, Sunday is the best day for a romantic outing of some kind.

Another celestial change of note is Mercury finally returning to Cancer on July 12-13 after its extended stay in Gemini. Emotions will have much more impact on our thinking and staying objective could be more of a challenge.

Cardinal lunations like the upcoming Capricorn Full Moon are all about taking action and those with personal planets and Ascendant from 20° to 24° in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) are going to get this message loud and clear. Now is the time to get to work on changing whatever is holding you back!

If you know your Rising sign, please read the horoscope for it too. 😀

Feeling frustrated because no one else seems to get your sense of priorities returns to plague you at the start of the week, Aries. Being tactful may not come naturally to you but you can do it. You also need to maintain a balance between your family’s needs and your career demands now.

Discussions about money matters with your partner may not go well early this week, Taurus, which might result in some hurt feelings on both sides. The situation is best resolved by either agreeing to disagree or taking time to search for common ground. New information may emerge on the weekend to help smooth things over.

Thought you might want to know, Gemini, you have one more week where your mind works like a finely tuned machine. Move tricky problems to the top of your list and get them out of the way now. Take a through look at your financial picture late this week. It’s possible some compromises may mean more to spend on leisure activities.

You might get a curve ball thrown at you on the job early this week, Cancer. Thankfully matters should improve fairly quickly with a disciplined, pragmatic approach. If you are struggling with a relationship issue, talking it over with a fair minded family member could help. Getting this situation resolved one way or the other is important.

Be careful who you flirt with if you are out socializing with your friends at the start of the week, Leo, as it may cause problems at home. Fortunately this situation will probably blow over fairly quickly if your explanations are sincere and tactful. Make up for it next weekend. Be spontaneous!

F.Y.I. if you have unfinished projects at work, Virgo, now is the time to get those wrapped up. Your attention may start to drift next week to the idea of spending more time with friends. It is your relationship with your creative side and your peer group where you might be selling yourself short. Be kind, OK?

One way or another, Libra, you’ll probably in the thick of things again this week. Your tact and overall tough but fair-minded approach to life can be an example to others. The first couple of days this week look to be the most challenging to your equilibrium with next weekend being far more favorable.

While you may not think of yourself as a peacemaker, Scorpio, that is exactly what you might be called on to do the first of the week. When others are losing it, your compassionate side along with your general strong-mindedness should kick in beautifully. These experiences may help you realize how effectively you can communicate.

Family and money issues could make for an uncomfortable start to your week, Sagittarius . . . as they would for most folks! If this gets you thinking about your relationship with money in general and what you need to do to change it, then it is all to the good. Sunday is a wonderful day for celebrating life!

Capricorn, most of you are dedicated to climbing the ladder in your career and you are usually good at it. At this time it is more important than ever to sit down with your colleagues, solicit their opinions and offer yours in return. You know it takes a team effort to achieve the big goals.

Feeling free to express your opinions is very important to you, Aquarius, but you might want to bite your tongue the first few days this week where your coworkers are concerned. If you do step in it and you wish to make amends, a good way to do that may come to you over the weekend.

Pisces, whatever projects you have going where your home and family are concerned that require you to share information frequently are best completed this week. Next week may find your attention being drawn to planning fun leisure activities. Looks like you might get a head start playing this weekend!

Image: © Steel-Eyes