Jupiter in Leo, Mr. Go Big or Go Home



Action, camera, lights!! Jupiter in Leo is poised to make his dramatic entrance next Wednesday, July 16, and fire sign folk will be rejoicing everywhere! It might not have been all that long since Jupiter left fiery Aries (June 2011), it only seems that way to weary fire signs. This past year when Jupiter has been in watery Cancer has been particularly trying for them.

So what does having Jupiter in fiery Leo mean? I’m betting on more . . . more drama, more noise, more geniality, etc. Leo is a warm hearted, outgoing and usually generous sign. It does love to make an entrance to loud applause from the peanut gallery. Outrageous displays of power and affection are possible too.

Leo is also one of the four fixed signs and is not fond of change. After the excess of cardinal energy over the past year, we can use more ballast weighing us down, keeping us firmly in the present. More often than not during Jupiter’s stay in Cancer, cardinal water was the predominate energy and this gradually begins to change after Jupiter enters Leo. The prickly defensiveness of Cancer under siege should give way to the occasional leonine roar of displeasure. One thing about most Leos is everyone knows when the royal toes have been stepped on. Fire in general is neither subtle nor wary of sharing what’s going on with them for better or worse.

The Leo New Moon on July 26 gives us our first true introduction to life with Jupiter in Leo when Jupiter conjoins the Sun and Moon squaring Mars newly arrived in Scorpio! Lots of those displays of leonine temper to watch with awe! Welcome to Leo Land!

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9 responses to “Jupiter in Leo, Mr. Go Big or Go Home

  1. Yay Jupiter in Leo! He’ll stay hidden in my 12th for a long while yet, but in October he’ll cross my Ascendant/Moon just about the time Saturn is leaving its square of those points – and he’ll be transiting there until next June! Better watch my weight. 😉 The October New Moon also conjoins my natal Jupiter. Meanwhile, watching to see how my current nodal return goes.

    Hope you’re well – I’m sure you’ll be happy to see Saturn move on in October as well!

    • Hey Les!

      I hear you about Jupiter crossing your ASC! No matter what I do I always manage to gain weight when he’s trooping across my 1st house! Saturn moving out of my 12th & into my 1st in Nov will be interesting. Probably good for sticking w/an exercise routine. 😀

      xoxo diane~

  2. I do love Leo, (I’ve got quite a few fire signs Aries and asteroids in Sag, and a packed fifth house) I’m so looking forward to the warmth and playful spontaneity – I found Jup in cancer too moody and defensive – simply couldn’t find my way through those complex pools of emotions. Jup sure exalted confusion for me. Love Leo, love their shine…..I think I’m in for trouble though on 26th / 27th with that mars square in scorp….won’t be able to avoid his glare, hope my leo friends shine brighter with me that weekend.

    • Hi Judy,

      If you have a lot of fire, then Jupiter in Cancer (+ Saturn & the whole Cardinal Grand Cross thing) may have felt like there was a permanent wet blanket in place. Here’s to a brighter mood! 😀

      xoxo diane~

  3. There’s three of us Sag risings at work. One in each deacon. I’m curious to see how it affects us.

    • I believe Sagittarius is going to LOVE having Jupiter in Leo. Big boost in energy & increased enthusiasm. 😀

    • Indeed! You should enjoy Jupiter’s stay in Leo. It will be sextile your Libra planets & conjoin your Pluto, Moon & Mars. 😀

      xoxo diane~

  4. My birthday is July 27th and I am so excited for this new moon! On my solar return chart I have a Leo ascendant with the new moon conjunction splaying out over the top of it! Hopefully this makes for a year full of fun and exciting new beginnings!

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