Libra Weekly Horoscopes for July 14, 2014


Warning! We have transitions ahead this week. The biggest one is Jupiter leaving the kindly waters of Cancer for the brilliant fires of Leo on Wednesday. Jupiter spends approximately a year in each sign and unlike last year where it was aligned with Saturn in Scorpio, this year it will join forces with Uranus in fiery Aries. When Saturn leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius in December, we’ll have three outer planets in fire and that will set a very different tone in our lives. Yeah . . . changes afoot!

I rate the stations of Saturn and Uranus as next on the list of uncomfortable shifts with Saturn stationing direct at 16° Scorpio on Sunday and Uranus stationing retrograde at 16° Aries the next day. Saturn handles these stations much better than Uranus, especially in fixed Scorpio. It likes taking its time to think things through. Uranus in Aries hates having to stand around in one place. Since these two are making this transition inconjunct one another, their differences will be exacerbated, potentially increasing the possibility of discord. Aries and Scorpio do share Mars as a ruler, giving them something in common. Aries is a young warrior, all bright and shiny, while Scorpio is the battle scarred, cynical old warrior. However, Saturn and Uranus are very different. The first prefers to make carefully considered moves and the second totally flies by the seat of the pants. This weekend could end up feeling like we have one foot on the brake and the other on the gas. Do you smell rubber burning?? Very frustrating!

Adding tension to the weekend is the Cancer Sun squaring Mars in Libra. Tempers are going to be strained already from the Uranus-Saturn situation and adding this aspect may only make things worse. The perfect time to practice patience, tolerance and forgiveness, right?! At the very least it would be a good idea not to go out of our way to poke at our nearest and dearest.

Venus moving into nurturing Cancer on Saturday can help because it is in her best interests to keep everyone happy and reduce stress. This is an acutely sensitive Venus who is aware of subtle changes in the emotional atmosphere. She tends to suffer when those she loves are in pain, so making sure they are content is a big deal to her. Mercury in Cancer is trine Neptune in compassionate Pisces the same day and will be right there helping Venus by finding the right words to express how much she cares.

What event has the greatest impact on us as individuals depends on whether we have personal planets at 0° in the fixed signs (Jupiter in Leo), at 16° in the fixed or cardinal signs (Saturn-Uranus stations) or 26° in the cardinal signs (Sun square Mars). Whatever happens there’s a darn good chance we’ll make it through fine. Do your best to treat others with kindness and respect!

If you know your Rising sign, please read the horoscope for it too. 😀

After being caught in family business for what seems like forever, Aries, the urge to try something new and inventive could start this week. Getting too far ahead of yourself might be an issue now and if you do, you’ll hear about it over the weekend. By the way, a low profile on the weekend would be good.

As long as you take the time to consult with your partner, Taurus, before making decisions about any home improvement ideas you have brewing, you should be OK. If not then all hell could break loose on the weekend. You’ve got charm to spare now, so please ask first, OK?

Only one more week of being able to play the cute card, Gemini, so use it wisely. There is a change in the wind you will like. Your natural ability to come up with bold ideas and communicate those with flair will be enhanced, perhaps to excess. Stick to your budget for weekend activities, no matter how much fun something sounds.

This week you continue to be more visible than usual, Cancer, and this may draw mixed reactions from the people in your life. The coming weekend looks particularly tricky to navigate with both kisses and kicks. The most likely source of trouble looks to be your nearest and dearest as is often the case these days. Patience and kindness are needed.

Leo, your world is about to get a whole lot brighter! In fact you might have to start handing out sunglasses to your friends to help them live with the glare. Well maybe not but it will be easier to be optimistic about what lies ahead than it has been in quite awhile.

The support you have had from your network of friends and associates over the past year may fade some, Virgo. This probably won’t trouble you all that much because you may be ready for a more sedate social life. Spending more time alone could sound surprisingly good to you and be a welcome change.

Before you can begin to entertain the idea of spending more time with friends and colleagues, Libra, you have to set some boundaries where your work is concerned. It might be difficult not to bite someone’s head off over the weekend but you can do it! This situation should improve quickly.

You might be forced to pace yourself this week, Scorpio, as your energy levels may be lower than usual. Use the time to plan your next career move because there are hints of better days to come in that part of your life. Conflicts over the weekend could reveal where you need to change your health habits too.

Oh boy, Sagittarius, you are about to get bitten by the travel bug . . . big time! Don’t start packing right away though because there are plenty of details to be worked including how you are going to pay for it. In fact, that is a potential source of trouble over the weekend. Be patient for now.

Capricorn, the best advice I can offer you right now is to shower your partner with love and affection, especially if you plan on telling them you may have to work this weekend. If they feel loved and appreciated you are less likely to get your head handed to you.

All those projects you have had on hold at work may finally begin to see some movement, Aquarius. Don’t expect instant results though or you could be disappointed. A bright spot in coming days is your one-on-one relationships where you may meet someone who makes you smile and laugh. Nice!

This continues to be a pleasant time of year for you, Pisces, where it is easy to find time to relax and enjoy life. The need to express your creativity is important and a source of fulfillment for you. Travel plans could be put on hold over the weekend but that should not be a problem.

Image:  Cancer © Stephanie Pui-Mun Law