New Moon in Leo, July 26, 2014

Leo New Moon

Bring on the fireworks and celebrate this magnificent New Moon at 03° 52′ Leo on 26 July 2014, 03:42 PM PDT! Jupiter in Leo sits smugly side by side with the luminaries adding to the general gloriousness of the occasion . . . at least according to him. Other may take exception with this attitude including Mars in cynical Scorpio.

To key to understanding the inner dynamics to this New Moon is the fact the chart is predominately fixed water, or Scorpio. One of Scorpio’s missions in life is to keep Leo’s arrogance in check. Which makes sense once we note Scorpio is on the cusp of the fourth house when Leo is on the first in an equal house system. The fourth house represents the parents (the mother in particular) to the first house. And who knows how to push our buttons better than mom?

Scorpio is one of the signs Mars is at home in and it shows. This is a highly effective Mars who knows how to bide his time with incredible tenacity. Like Mars in Capricorn, Mars in Scorpio is very good at delayed gratification. Unless Mars in Scorpio is afflicted in a natal chart, it usually bestows strength and endurance plus a natural dexterity. All of which comes in handy if one is a surgeon . . . a favorite Scorpio profession.

The Venus in Cancer-Pluto in Capricorn opposition adds yet another layer of Scorpionic influence. Emotions are what drive this combination and with Pluto present, controlling behaviors are too. Obsession, jealousy and the desire to dominate can make our love lives a living hell if we are not careful.

There is nothing quite like adding Neptune in Pisces to the scene to add an uneasy combination of glamour and illusion. Or should I mention the fact that glamour is often all about creating an illusion? In any case, Neptune is inconjunct the New Moon-Jupiter conjunction in Leo and we might as well plan on plenty of people presenting themselves as larger than life with as much pomp and circumstance as possible. While this can be highly entertaining, accepting everything at face value is a sure way to end up feeling very disillusioned in short order. A little fairy dust can be fun but a lot can leave bitterness and resentment behind.

Helping bring some reality to the situation is Saturn in Scorpio. It is trine to Mercury in Cancer and if we carefully observe the non-verbal ways people are communicating we might come closer to understanding what is actually going on.

The waning inconjunct between Saturn and Uranus in Aries is still in effect on the New Moon, continuing to create uncomfortable feelings and awkward situations. Saturn counsels adopting a “wait and see” attitude rather than acting on impulse, and in this instance, I’d go with Saturn. He is in a better position to know what is really happening.

Our best option on this Leo New Moon is to focus on all the wonderful, positive attributes of Leo. Its ability to play with joy and enthusiasm will be welcome guests at any gathering. Leave feelings of superiority and the need to play games of one-upmanship far behind, and embrace life with love and laughter.

On a personal note: The closest aspect the New Moon-Jupiter in Leo makes to my chart is a trine to my first house Venus in Sagittarius . . . yeah, baby, let the good times roll!! And there is a trine from Mercury in Cancer to my natal Mars-Mercury conjunction in Scorpio. This makes my Libra self very happy because it will be far easier to find the right thing to say to make others feel better about themselves.

Mars in Scorpio is hovering on the cusp of my twelfth house, having just conjoined my Sun and will soon conjoin my natal Jupiter in Scorpio. Excellent for accomplishing a great deal quietly behind the scenes . . . just my style!

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8 responses to “New Moon in Leo, July 26, 2014

  1. Hi Diane,

    I am a regular reader and a follower on twitter and wanted to thank you for the amazing work you do! Thanks so much.

    Diane, I turn 30 on July the 25th, how do you suggest my forthcoming year is going to be? I still feel like I can use some confidence at work, but in general will things look up soon? Thanks so much!

    • Hi Shilpa,

      Have you seen your solar return chart? Depending on where you are located you could have Mars in Libra or Scorpio, a very big difference! is one place where you can get a free Solar Return chart. The Cancer Moon is very well aspected that day & of course, you will have your Leo sun conj Jupiter! 😀


      • Aw Diane, thanks for your sweet message. I however, have no idea about what you just mentioned- A solar return chart? :-/. I am a leo with Virgo rising- born in Bhopal, India at 8:30 AM on July 25th and am currently in Calgary. Will you help me please? Thanks so so so much! 🙂 Lotsa love to you.

  2. BTW, I forgot to mention, I too have Mars presenting itself to my 12th house Scorpio and at the moment, behind the scenes at this moment, works for me.

  3. Hi linda. I’m a libra rising and sun sag (3rd house). This leo transit is supposed to be great for us. I have my Uranus in leo but I’m also really interested in mars moving into scorpio. That’s supposed to be good for me as well, even with saturn already there.
    Scorp is my 2nd house (money) and I have a stellium of 4 there- neptune, then moon, then mars/merc conjunct.Scorpio transits are always interesting for me!

    • Hi Marlene,
      All this Leo activity is in my 9th where I have a natal Pluto, Mars and Moon stellium. It’s going to get crowded very shortly. You seem to have a very interesting 2nd house. Thanks for the reply. I hope it all works well for you, 2nd house wise.

  4. What a week. Friday I filed my first ever sexual harassment complaint at work. No exaggeration when I say it was a game changer, & a healing experience for me on a level few could understand. New Moon was in my 8th, loosely conjunct my Saturn in Leo, squaring my IC/Chiron, as well my Scorpio MC at 4′. I got the result I needed: one that will pay off on a personal result, over and over and over again.

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