Libra Weekly Horoscopes for July 28, 2014


First full week with the Sun in expansive Leo and there appears to be plenty of opportunities for drama and excitement. Venus in Cancer risks getting her feelings hurt by the Uranus-Pluto square, Mercury blasts into Leo and when Mercury joins up with Jupiter in Leo and squares Mars in Scorpio, all hell could break loose. Passions are running high now.

Venus in Cancer winces this week when she has to deal with first Pluto in Capricorn at the beginning of the week, and then Uranus in Aries towards the end. Love seldom flourishes when lovers treat one another poorly by being overly controlling or extremely erratic. Restoring Venus’s faith is a sweet Grand Trine in water on Friday with patient Saturn in Scorpio and compassionate Chiron in Pisces trine the planet of love. By the way, this event happens to be the bright spot this week amidst many other trying ones.

One of the challenges for fixed sign folk (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) is remaining open to the idea other people can have valuable opinions too. Mercury’s shift to Leo where it promptly conjoins bombastic Jupiter is probably going to exacerbate this issue and when Mars in Scorpio steps up to point out the flaws in this approach over the weekend, there is bound to be plenty of unhappy people. Just when we could use some air to help maintain a degree of objectivity, there is none to be found. Those who have personal planets or an Ascendant in the fixed signs from 0° to 3° are going to come face to face with this square. Tread carefully!

Neptune in Pisces gets his slippery fingers into things this week via inconjuncts to the Leo Sun early in the week and Mercury in Leo at the end. As I see it the greatest challenge with these aspects is the tendency to believe our own press, no matter how unrealistic we know it to be. Pluto in Capricorn shows up on Sunday to smack some sense into the Sun while Mercury will get its comeuppance next week. If you know a brutally honest Sagittarius or Aries, have them give you a reality check . . . that is preferable to what Pluto will do.

What we’re looking at is another week when it could be easy to over-promise and indulge in high drama. Wouldn’t be wiser to take a few moments to carefully weigh the circumstances before making a commitment? Think about it please.

If you know your Rising sign, please read the horoscope for it too. 😀

The surprising thing for you, Aries, is if you do over-commit your time and energy this week, you might still be able to pull it off. Your overall energy levels are high and creative solutions are easy for you to come up with at this time. Please avoid taking too many risks over the weekend.

Family drama is what might upset your plans this week, Taurus, and unfortunately there may not be a quick and easy fix especially if your significant other steps in. The best chance to find a way to mend fences is on Friday when you might be able to come up with the right words. Tread carefully.

Be sure you know your audiences before you start embellishing your stories to increase the drama this week, Gemini. Your natural humor and wit runneth over  . . . as in way over! Among those unreceptive groups are your coworkers because they know if you’re talking you probably aren’t working. OK?

Monitor the atmosphere closely at work now, Cancer, and hopefully you will pick up on any incipient explosions or disruptions so you can take cover. For the most you are ready to focus the majority of your attention on learning what you can do to improve your personal finances. Putting more into savings always makes you happy!

Anyone who doesn’t realize you are supposed to be the center of attention now, Leo, will quickly be set to rights! However it may be a good idea to spend as much time encouraging others to express their inner child as you do letting yours shine forth. Stepping on family member’s toes next weekend is a very bad idea.

For the most part, Virgo, you are willing to sit back and be amused at all the goings on swirling around you these days. That doesn’t mean you can’t or won’t stand up and fight back if someone pushes you too far. Your words have a real bite to them now.

You might have to revisit issues from earlier this year the first part of the week, Libra, when you would much rather be spending time enjoying yourself with your peers. This situation should smooth over by the end of the week. Organizations soliciting money will be shown the door over the weekend

Scorpio, your “look” could be out in full force now . . . the one that says mess with me at your own risk? You are not in the mood to suffer fools and that applies to your boss as well. If you must set them straight, do it in private and they may listen rather than fire you.

As much as the urge to travel to faraway places may tug at you now, Sagittarius, it may be a better move to actively devote yourself to working on your self-defeating behaviors. Spending time in solitude over the weekend may prove very rewarding. Be kind and forgiving of what you may perceive as your failings.

You too could experience a resurgence of old issues this week, Capricorn, revolving around your significant other and household matters. Patience and a willingness to listen with compassion may go a long ways to healing these wounds for once and for all by the end of the week. Forget making the social rounds on the weekend.

Just about the time you think all is going so well with your partner, Aquarius, matters could go sideways and you may end up in a serious standoff. The most likely source of difficulties appears to be work related as in your boss is being especially testy and demanding now. Not the best weekend to attempt to patch things up either.

Pisces, you tend to gravitate towards helping those in need, and at this time one of ways you can do this is by bringing laughter and joy. A little silliness and a whole lot of drama applied with equal amounts of caring can be just what the doctor ordered. Lighten up your workplace with humor too.

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  1. Hey Diane, thought I’d share an observation with you. Two aunts just died, one 98 years old, and the other had been ill for a long time and finally, right on the last Cap Full Moon, decided to just let go and stop all life-extending treatments. Both of them died within an hour or two of each other (altho they’d never met, being on different sides of my family), just before the Moon conjoined Jupiter and the Sun in Leo. I suspected the ill one would go when she did, but the other surprised me, altho she had been ready to go for quite some time. I think Joop opened the door to freedom for them, and I suspect many souls took that opportunity to slip the mortal coil.

    Astrology continues to teach me because you and others have helped give me the sight to see the patterns. 🙂

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