Libra Weekly Horoscopes for August 4, 2014

Leo by Susan Seddon-Boulet

The kinder, gentler side of Scorpio is on display the first part of this week before turning fierce on the weekend. Saturn teams up with Chiron in Pisces on Tuesday and Mars does the same with Neptune in Pisces on Thursday. Scorpio has the ability to probe our wounds with delicacy and precision, draining away the poisons and allowing the healing process to begin. Fixed Scorpio understands time and patience are important factors in this process and Saturn teaches the need to experience each step completely before moving on to the next.

Over at the Leo party, Mercury in Leo takes its turn dancing with the Uranus-Pluto square this week. First up is an inconjunct with Pluto in Capricorn on Wednesday which may not end well for Mercury. After the conjunction with Jupiter over the weekend, Mercury may be reluctant to admit to the error of its ways which Pluto will happily point out. This is not a Mercury who enjoys being wrong either. The expression about pride going before a fall applies in the case and there will probably be plenty of bruises showing up.

Mercury in Leo’s trine to Uranus in Aries happens on the weekend and coincides with a conjunction to the Leo Sun where both are squared by Saturn Scorpio. This could easily turn into a standoff where everyone involved loses because no one is willing to give up a position they feel is absolutely right due to the Sun, Mercury and Saturn all being in fixed signs. Remember Uranus in Aries is still inconjunct Saturn in Scorpio and having the Sun-Mercury conjunction in Leo added to this inconjunct may cause real problems. Think twice before indulging in reckless, risky behaviors inspired by the fire trine, even though they might seem like a good idea at the time. Saturn is going to be there reminding us we all have to grow up and behave like adults eventually.

This week ends with the Full Moon in Aquarius on Sunday when the Leo Sun and Aquarius Moon create a T-Square with Saturn in Scorpio. Nothing like the light of a Full Moon to reveal the consequences of earlier decisions, both good and bad . . . Saturn in Scorpio will be all too happy to point those out at length.

The question is whether we’re going to participate or be the audience as the debates heat up over the course of the week. I know what my personal preference would be but I doubt if I will end up having much choice in the matter . . . drat!

If you know your Rising sign, please read the horoscope for it too. 😀

What may set you back a step or two this week, Aries, is promising more than you can safely deliver, whether it is to your partner, family members or your employer/employees. The worst of it is these missteps could affect your financial situation. Not good, right?

Despite the hope you may be above the fray this week, Taurus, I wouldn’t count on it. The people who could potentially pull you into their messy situations are those with whom you have one-on-one relationships like your significant other, business partner and long time friends. That being said, neutrality works too.

Of all the signs, Gemini, you are the one I vote most likely to find all the hullabaloo happening around you entertaining . . . you can have a very quirky sense of humor. Do continue to be careful about sticking very close to the facts yourself or risk an unpleasant encounter to two.

Since you may be focusing a great deal of attention on your personal finances now, Cancer, you will probably be very sensitive to people or circumstances that can cause problems in that regard. This is not a good time to jump into risky ventures either. Keep a cool head.

How’s life treating you these days, Leo? Well? Maybe even spectacularly well? I sure hope so because there are a few potential mine fields you might want to avoid coming up later this week. Getting into knock-down drag out fights with family comes under that heading. Be wary please!

In general, Virgo, you prefer to mind your own business and encourage others to do the same. At this time it may be wise to keep an eye on what’s going on behind the scenes in your life because you might have to speak very firmly to people in order to keep things from getting out of hand.

You happily stepped out of the line of fire here recently, Libra, and see no reason to subject yourself to something like that again. However, you too might find you are unable to completely avoid being drawn into other people’s fights and the reason might be some unexpected moves by your partner.

Yes, Scorpio, I know idiotic behaviors can inspire the urge to strangle the parties involved but do your best to emulate Libra’s use of tact and diplomacy. It won’t be easy but you can do this. By the way, a lot of this energy should begin to dissipate after this coming weekend . . . perhaps because you’ll have gained the upper hand.

No telling what way you may decide to jump these days, Sagittarius. Inspiration and energy abounds for all kinds of your favorite activities like exploring new places and new ideas, doing some traveling or gambling if you are so inclined. There will be price to be paid for all of this later you know.

Given your natural tendency to sit back and observe before making your move, Capricorn, this week ought to give plenty of opportunities to do just that. It might be better to wait awhile for the atmosphere to cool down some before stepping in to help people. Their hearing may be very selective now.

Aquarius, it is very possible you will end up in the thick of things too, in large part due to your significant other whose love of dramatic gestures may cause them to end up over-reaching themselves. Career demands may complicate matters since ignoring those could come back on you with a vengeance.

Watching all the drama in your work place may be awe inspiring now, Pisces. During the first part of the week you may be able to help calm the situation down to a degree but probably not for long despite your best efforts as a peacemaker. Think of it a cleansing experience?

Image: © Susan Seddon-Boulet