Full Moon in Aquarius, August 10, 2014

Full Moon in Aquarius

Full Moon in Aquarius

Stern Saturn in Scorpio puts a damper on the fun and excitement of this Full Moon at 18° 02′ Aquarius, 10 August 2014, 11:09 AM PDT by creating a T-Square with the lunar axis. This might push the Aquarius Moon into outright rebellion and cause the Leo Sun to feel unloved, always a sad state of affairs. Oddly enough, Saturn can be a wonderful tool for helping solve creative problems . . . it is the 99% perspiration part.

An equal number of planets in fire and water pit these two elements against one another and since fixed signs dominate, it means there probably won’t be much cooperation or objectivity. The Aquarius Moon is the only representative air has while earth is represented by Pluto in Capricorn. The natural objectivity of Aquarius is much needed now though it is somewhat compromised by Saturn squaring the Moon.

Partisan Mercury in Leo closely conjunct the Leo Sun puts an even more personal slant on things. This can be a marvelously creative combination, full of enthusiasm and joy. Uranus in Aries is trine the Sun-Mercury conjunction, adding excitement and the ability to come up with truly innovative ideas. In fact, Uranus harmoniously aspects both luminaries, very inspiring and loads of fun though not too well grounded!

Mars in Scorpio is a major influence on this Full Moon as its disruptive square to Jupiter in Leo is on the wane. A waning trine to Neptune in Pisces softens the edges and a waxing sextile to powerful Pluto in Capricorn strengthens it. Here’s the deal. As much as the fiery Leo Sun, Mercury and Uranus would love to go their merry way, all bright and shiny, full of optimism and big, fancy plans; the powerful water team of Mars and Saturn in Scorpio cannot be ignored because they have the backing of the two other outer planets. Fire lacks patience and with Uranus in the mix, that lack is even more evident. We need the sobriety of fixed water to counterbalance fire’s impulsiveness, like it or not.

Take time on this Full Moon to wave goodbye to gentle Venus in Cancer as Venus is about to put on her party clothes. She enters Leo on August 12, joining the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter. Lights, cameras and action!

The fascinating inconjunct between Jupiter in Leo and Neptune in Pisces is waxing now though it will not be exact until August 14. Christina, The Oxford Astrologer, wrote a great post on this mesmerizing aspect. For those who have planets at 6°, I highly recommend taking the high road with this one. The low road could get extremely messy, full of detours and lined with fairy gold.

The full impact of having more planets in fixed signs than cardinal begins to sink in on this Full Moon in Aquarius. We have to leave the fast lane and learn how to consolidate gains made during the cardinal years. It won’t be easy for those who love to live on the edge going from crisis to crisis. Prepare to shift to slow and steady now!

On a personal note: The only exact aspect is a snippy Mercury in Leo squaring my natal Mars in Scorpio but there are plenty of near misses. Venus in Cancer is squaring my Libra Sun-Chiron and that’s not so bad. I may be more sentimental than usual is all. Jupiter in Leo is closing in on a square to my natal Jupiter in Scorpio which will trigger my natal Saturn-Jupiter square. Guess I will be having a refresher course in staying the course. Since I have a fixed preponderance natally, I’m happy to see more planets in fixed signs. Now if we only had more air . . . 😀