Libra Weekly Horoscopes for August 11, 2014

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After the whole Saturn squaring the Leo Sun and Mercury thing over the weekend, the generally more benign tone to this coming week ought to feel very good. We may be able to enjoy the warmth and generosity of Leo season for a change. There are a couple of changes coming and both are pleasant: Venus leaves watery, sensitive Cancer for the glamour and drama of Leo plus Mercury finally ends up in one of its home signs, Virgo.

Ah, Venus in Leo, queen of the universe! If you don’t think so, just ask her! She’ll set you straight. She leaves quiet, mannerly Cancer for Leo on Tuesday. This year she’ll be conjoining Jupiter on Sunday and won’t that be a big old party! Venus makes an inconjunct to Neptune in Pisces the same day . . . sounds like a recipe for romantic disaster to me with too many people making promises and going overboard on insincere flattery. Staying sober may help prevent a seriously awful hangover on Monday.

A welcome shift is the one Mercury is making from Leo to Virgo. Mercury does quite well in organized, practical Virgo and will be a big help to us as we go about taking care of business. This event takes place on Friday along with a powerful sextile between Mars in Scorpio and earthy Pluto in Capricorn. Having a second planet in earth ought to help settle the Leo extravaganza down to more manageable proportions.

The time from the Full Moon to the New Moon is best spent pulling together loose ends and bringing projects to completion. And most of us probably have plenty of loose ends to deal with after months of fast and furious cardinal energy. I know I have been barely managing to handle only the highest priority concerns for far too long, and there is huge backlog waiting to be dealt with. Thankfully we have no major cardinal aspects coming at us this week and the fixed signs dominate the sky, demanding a more deliberate pace.

The center piece this week is the fascinating inconjunct (quincunx) between Jupiter in Leo and Neptune in Pisces. While there is a definite spiritual side to this one, it can also manifest as a high flying con artist such as those television evangelists who put on an extravagant show while conning the audience into emptying their pocketbooks. When the ultimate showman, Jupiter in Leo, combines forces with the master of illusion, Neptune in Pisces, it can be seriously bad news. If someone asks you to take something or someone on faith this week, ask plenty of pointed questions and demand documentation, especially if they want money. Be careful!

By the way, those Leos who have birthdays from August 12 to August 14 have a special gift in their Solar Returns for the coming year because they will have four planets in Leo. The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in Leo should brighten attitudes and bring them good fortune since Venus will be making a waxing conjunction to Jupiter. Enjoy!

Our greatest challenge this week will be staying on task because we may be tempted to kick back and relax. The pressure is off for the moment and there might be more incentives to play than work. All those planets in glorious, indolent Leo are wonderful for going on vacation, if only for a day or so.

If you know your Rising sign, please read the horoscope for it too. 😀

Whether or not you are busying playing or hard at work this week, Aries, is up to you. If you are young, footloose and fancy free, then chances are good you won’t be able to resist having fun. For those who have bills to pay then look for an opportunity for more work showing up later this week.

Taurus, entertaining at home is something you excel at and this week looks very favorable for throwing a splendid party or two. If you are living within a tight budget, be sure to plan ahead and don’t be tempted to splurge when the weekend rolls around. Practice saying “no”!

Being able to sweet talk people is one of your specialties, Gemini, and your knack for coming up with all the right words will be with you now. Be sure to keep track of who you told what because next weekend when you may be tempted to stretch the truth to make a favorable impression it might not work out so well.

The promise of some calmer days probably sounds very good to you, Cancer, since you have been busy putting out fires for some time now. There is a possibility you may begin to see an improvement in your personal income soon but please don’t spend it before it’s in your hands.

Your ability to draw favorable attention to yourself, Leo, may increase even more starting this week, especially if you simply relax and be your naturally warm, friendly self. If you need to project an aura of glamour, you can do that too. Be careful where you aim all that gloriousness!

Best thing about this coming week in your world, Virgo, begins late this week when your mental gears start running at peak efficiency once more. Being able to pick up on all the important details while multi-tasking should begin to fall into place for you. Nice!

If you have been ignoring your circle of friends due to feeling overwhelmed in recent months, Libra, you might be pleasantly surprised to find out they’ve missed your smiling face. Consider accepting an invitation or two though please make sure you don’t over commit yourself for this weekend.

All the hard work you’ve put in recently at work may finally be rewarded, Scorpio, or at least bring you some well deserved recognition. The second half of this week looks particularly good for being able to get your point across clearly and effectively. So much so you may want to soften your tone some.

Sagittarius, staying positive takes far less effort than usual these days and if it rubs off on your friends, family and casual acquaintances so much the better. Starting this week it should become easier for you to handle your professional correspondence and be more organized on the job.

This may seem like an odd thing to suggest to you, Capricorn, because you don’t tend to exaggerate as a rule. If anything you go with understated. However you could find yourself overselling your ideas this week. Don’t worry, this urge will pass soon! Look for solid support from your peers this week.

Take note of the kind of people you are attracting to yourself now, Aquarius, as they may be even more flamboyant than usual. The question is whether or not they will stand up to close inspection. Please don’t take them or yourself too seriously for now and it should work out fine.

If you have been looking into making a vocational change, Pisces, this week could see some interesting options showing up. If you are unsure exactly what is being offered, you might want to talk it over with your significant other before making a final decision. The weekend is a good time for these conversations.

Image:  © Glorious Sunrise by Diane Lang