Libra Weekly Horoscopes for August 18, 2014

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Like it or not, the Leo party is winding down and the Virgo cleanup crew are standing at the door waiting to get started. The change in the guard started when Mercury entered Virgo late last week and our thinking became better grounded in the real world. Virgo is nothing if not keen on being accurate, unlike Leo who likes to entertain rather than relate the boring facts.

Mercury starts the week in opposition to Neptune in Pisces and if it was any other Mercury, I’d say the fog was rolling in the front door and clarity was leaving out the back. However it is Virgo, who deals quite well with the mysteries of Pisces. We could be inspired to come up with fresh ideas on ways to help those we love when Virgo’s common sense combines with Pisces’s compassion.

An incisive trine between Mercury in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn midweek is excellent for discovering secrets and delving into the dark corners of our minds. It is great for finding practical solutions to business and financial problems too.

Poor Venus in Leo gets scolded by Pluto in Capricorn on Wednesday and may end up moping around for a few days. It is a good idea to behave with decorum when mixing business and pleasure . . . an uneasy situation under the best of circumstances.

The only unpredictable aspect Mercury makes is an inconjunct to Uranus in Aries next Sunday. Like all the earth sign Mercurys, Mercury in Virgo prefers to come to careful, well thought conclusions and can resent being pressed to make snap judgments on the fly . . . a personal pet peeve of my Libra self! The waxing sextile to Mars in Scorpio gives Mercury some support in dealing with Uranus’s vagaries. Mars has already faced off with Uranus the day before and is none too happy with Mr. Unpredictable. Resentments can build very quickly under these circumstances and our patience may wear quite thin.

The big event is the Sun leaving its home sign of Leo for quiet, sensible Virgo on August 22-23. In my opinion, this is one of the more dramatic transitions because Leo and Virgo have such different priorities. Leo is the most high profile sign and Virgo one of the most retiring. We do have some overlap with Mercury already in Virgo and Venus remaining in Leo along with Jupiter. Still there will be less fire and more earth in the mix once the Sun enters Virgo. We may either give a huge sigh of relief or wave a reluctant goodbye. 😀

If you know your Rising sign, please read the horoscope for it too. 😀

The nagging little voice in your head telling you to start cleaning up your act, Aries, is only going to get louder as the week goes on. If you have been working hard and playing harder recently, you know it’s time to slow down and get back on a healthy routine.

You may still end up buying any number of wonderful things for your home, Taurus, though you might be rethinking exactly how much money you want to spend on those. Time to crank up your creative side and come up with a better solution! Spending more quality time with your sweetheart is sounding better and better too.

Chatting with family members this week might be a very good way for you to get your center back, Gemini. You’ve been flying pretty high recently and getting back to basics could be just what you need. Remember you don’t need to agree with everything they say but do give it careful consideration.

Cancer, being able to think clearly and logically once more feels good doesn’t it? Your natural ability to pay attention to the details and carefully reason things is one of your strong points. You might find yourself having to handle some unexpected developments at work soon but you will be able to handle it OK.

It seems like just yesterday you were celebrating the beginning of your favorite time of year, Leo, and it has been a special one this time around. If it feels like the good times are slipping away don’t worry, you still have more sweetness coming your way though the volume may be lowered some.

You may already be sensing a change in the works, Virgo, and that it is very favorable for you. Now is the time when you can start to pick up the pieces and reorganize your life the way you want it. Opportunities to see how you can be of service to others may show up now.

Part of you might already be starting to withdraw from the need to be around other people, Libra, especially if you overdosed on company last weekend. The bit about mixing business with pleasure midweek is something you may wish to take into consideration though your social awareness usually keeps you out of trouble.

Now is a very good time to start putting out feelers to discover the best people to network with, Scorpio. You are good at using social occasions to connect with likeminded people who share your goals to improve the lives of those in need. Do your usual thorough job of vetting any organizations before making a commitment.

Start getting your mind back in the game this week, Sagittarius, because you know you need to fully commit to your career again and the time to do so is right around the corner. It may not be easy but it has to be done, right? After all, the bills need to be paid.

About now you could start thinking about taking a few days to get away from it all, Capricorn, and planning ahead is your preferred way to go about it. If you can combine travel and helping others, it is even better. Please don’t let an unplanned for family situation ruin things.

Have you enjoyed hanging out with your partner recently, Aquarius? You may not want the good times to come to an end any more than Leo does. How about having a party just for the two of you? Be careful what you say in front of your boss late this week!

Take time to sit down and compare notes with your partner this week, Pisces, as the two of you could be working more closely on various projects soon. Be sure to take any thoughts they have regarding your personal finances seriously, and if they suggest you avoid impulsive spending, pay attention please!

Image:  © Jena Della Grottaglia

2 responses to “Libra Weekly Horoscopes for August 18, 2014

  1. Thanks kindly Diane for your consistent clarity in preparing us for the week ahead. I’m so sad that the Leo party is over so soon, it’s been a great time for family, fun and children, very refreshing and uplifting, a wonderfully sunny time, full of memories that will last through the winter months . Mars in scorpio has been a headache, however and I’m not looking forward to pluto’s inconjunct midweek with venus nor the mars-saturn conjunction either – Mars has been far too sledgehammer for me, causing unnecessary damage and stress with his heavy-handed blows – Hope he’ll be more benevolent in Sagittarius? Great that venus still has some down-time and ‘show-time’in Leo. Happy late-summer wishes to you.

  2. The Leo party isn’t entirely over with big Jupiter still dancing around in Leo! Just three more weeks until Saturn moves away from squaring my Leo Ascendant/Moon and then Jupiter can move right in! Speaking of Ascendants, my pAscendant just now changed to lovely Libra – and pMidheaven to Cancer (is it weird they changed the same day? they started out 10 degrees off square…).

    Anyway, enjoy the last days of Leo. I hope Jupiter is giving your Saturn a nice loosening up!

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