Venus transitions from Leo to Virgo


On Friday, September 5, Venus’s wild ride in fiery Leo comes to an end and she goes on a much needed retreat in earthy Virgo. What started out on a high note when Venus conjoined Jupiter in Leo went sour when she ran into Mars and Saturn in Scorpio early this week. Venus is resilient in Leo and by the time she enters Virgo she should have recovered much of her usual optimism.

Because Venus is exalted in Pisces, it is considered to be in its fall in Virgo. Quiet, reserved Virgo is a far less exciting place for Venus to visit than Leo but she responds by demonstrating her affection in practical ways. This is no bad thing in my opinion, better than a lot of fine sounding but empty promises! Venus in Virgo has a healing touch and gives some of the best hugs ever. In fact, she has a true gift for tangible expressions of love. Foot massage anyone?

As she takes her turn touring the Outer Planets, the first stop is an opposition to Neptune in Pisces on September 10. Falling in love under Venus-Neptune aspects brings a feeling of spiritual connection with the beloved, a truly lovely thing under the right circumstances. This can be a very rewarding time for creative enterprises because earthy Venus in Virgo is quite good at turning the ephemeral into something real.

When Pluto in Capricorn is trine Venus on September 14, our thoughts may turn from love to money. If you have investment ideas you are considering this is a good influence for putting those in play. Venus-Pluto aspects make me think of old fashioned ideas like dowries too.

A less friendly aspect is the inconjunct to Uranus in Aries on September 17. Aries and Virgo have practically nothing in common and consequently irritate the heck out of one another. Uranus in Aries is exceedingly impatient of details, something Virgo places high value on. The impatience generated by Uranus may cause serious problems in relationships at this time. Last minute changes in plan may not go over well at all.

Saturn in Scorpio is Venus in Virgo’s best friend, totally unlike the situation with Venus in Leo. Scorpio respects Virgo’s sense of propriety and her gentle touch is soothing to this sensitive water sign. Whenever Venus aligns with Saturn in a positive way, talk of commitment is heard and relationships started now could last a very long time. Venus is sextile Saturn in Scorpio on September 20-21 which happens to be the day before the Autumnal Equinox when the Sun enters Libra! Venus will be entering her home sign of Libra on September 29, joining the Sun . . . always a sweet time!

Image: © Heidi