Libra Weekly Horoscopes for September 1, 2014


Two changes happen this week I feel are going to be very welcome. The first is Mercury leaving meticulous Virgo for tactful airy Libra on September 1-2 bringing some much needed air to the sky. We haven’t had any planets in air except the Moon since Mars left Libra for Scorpio on July 25 and it has felt like we’ve been sliding deeper into subjectivity ever since.

The second change is Venus leaving outgoing Leo for reserved Virgo on September 5. Venus was the center of more than one controversy in Leo and ended up getting her feelings hurt by Mars and Saturn in Scorpio. She’ll perk up during this last week before leaving Leo because no one getting on her case. Those who have personal planets in Leo from 25° to 29° in Leo should get a lift as she goes by on her way by to Virgo. Venus may not be as sparkly in Virgo but she will get on better with all the outer planets with the exception of Uranus in Aries. Which is something Taurus and Libra will appreciate because an unhappy Venus can be depressing for those Venus ruled signs.

The only aspect Mercury in Libra makes this week is an inconjunct to Neptune in Pisces on Saturday when some absentmindedness may occur. If you have weekend plans, be sure to make the arrangements ahead of time so you don’t have to think over much for a day or so. We may be more susceptible to sob stories under this influence.

Solidly favorable Virgo Sun-Pluto in Capricorn trine midweek keeps the engines of commerce humming. Perfect for keeping both feet firmly planted in reality! No day dreaming with this one. There is a kindly Virgo Sun-Chiron in Pisces opposition over the weekend and while it might not make headlines, it can help us identify the source of pain in our psyches which is the first step to beginning the healing process.

Another exact aspect that may cause waves in some circles is the exact inconjunct between bombastic Jupiter in Leo and deeply reserved Pluto in Capricorn. This event occurs at 11° and should have the greatest impact on those with personal planets between 10° – 12° in the fixed signs and cardinal signs. Bold plans for expansion in the area of your chart where Leo falls could meet with profound resistance from the house ruled by Capricorn. In my case with Pluto solidly in my second house of resources and Jupiter transiting my ninth house of travel, let’s just say I foresee no long distance traveling in my future! The budget will not permit.

There is a little something to keep everyone happy this week. For the air signs, we have Mercury in Libra, fire signs still have Venus and Jupiter in Leo boosting their spirits, Sun in Virgo soothes the earth signs, while water signs are relishing the power of Mars and Saturn in Scorpio gives them. Overall we have a chance to catch our breath and maybe squeeze in some time to enjoy ourselves!

If you know your Rising sign, please read the horoscope for it too. 😀

Last week’s roadblocks should continue to ease now and reduce your overall frustration levels, Aries, and I’m sure this will be appreciated by those around you. One recommendation I have for you is to be sure to take practical considerations into account when making career related decisions this coming week.

In general this week looks very favorable for you, Taurus, because the focus is on the here and now with no grand schemes and high flying ideas being presented as workable. The simple, practical approach you do so well ought to work fine and bring you well deserved recognition.

If you have felt your mind was getting bogged down in too many picky details lately, Gemini, prepare for a refreshing change this week. A welcome feeling of objectivity and detachment returns to your thinking. Your mind picks up speed and darts around snatching up tasty bits on information once again.

Something many of you enjoy, Cancer, is investigating your family roots and now is a good time to sit down and chat with older family members about the past. You also ought to enjoy the more grounded atmosphere this week too. Consider spending more time this weekend with close friends or your siblings.

Party time is really and truly coming to an end for you after this week, Leo. Don’t worry . . .you will still be able to maintain your optimistic attitude in the days ahead. However, you do need to start paying attention to boring things like your budget and what you need to do improve your earning capacity. There’s always next year!

More favorable attention starts to come your way later this week, Virgo, so please put a nice smile of your face and accept it graciously. Whether you realize it or not, you deserve it! Most of you go out of your way to help others quietly but very effectively. Good for you!

Libra, you can finally look forward to feeling like you are able to make yourself understood again. After weeks of attempting to help others see there is usually more than one side to any issue, you should start to see some progress now as it becomes easier for everyone to be more objective.

Scorpio, the intensity of last week begins to ease now and the pressure to stand firm should begin to relax. It is a good time to reconnect with your network of friends and associates too. An odd situation may develop at work later this week where you might be put in an awkward position with a superior.

The main focus for you, Sagittarius, continues to be your career and long term goals. You might even begin to receive some good reviews for a job well done soon! One thing may become clear later this week is the need to rethink travel plans due to a lack of funds.

On the whole you should have a pretty decent week, Capricorn, and conversations with your employer may go better than you might have anticipated. However be cautious about how you come across if you end up talking about ideas for investing joint resources. Tact will probably be needed . . . desperately!

Aquarius, you are another who ought to sincerely appreciate being able to have rational discussions with people again. As much as you’ve enjoyed the Leo show, you know it had to come to an end sometime. You might wish to encourage your partner to forego some of their more outrageous schemes for now.

Express your appreciation for your significant other, Pisces, because you know they deserve it and also take the time to encourage them to share their hopes and fears with you. As you know, being an active listener who responds with care and compassion can make a big difference.

Image:  © Jena Dellagrottaglia


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  1. Hi Diane,

    As always, thanks for the awesome work!

    Diane, how will Oct look for my husband born Oct 5, (Libra sun and Sag rising)? Lots of career related changes coming his way. I am Leo sun wtih Virgo rising and worry if he will have to move abroad for a job alone..:( I remember you telling me that things will be very smooth by the end of this year. Will you shed some light please?

    Thanks so much!

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