Libra Weekly Horoscopes for September 15, 2014

The Sun rises in Virgo

Two major cycles come together this week marking a time to bring projects to completion before starting new ones – the Moon is in its waning phase and the Sun is about to complete its journey through the first half of the zodiac. Next Monday, September 22, the Sun enters Libra and the following day we have a New Moon in Libra. This week is the time to look back over the past six months and contemplate what our intentions need to be for the next six months.

We also have Pluto in Capricorn stationing direct next Monday at 11° Capricorn. Use this week to clean our inner houses, people, because the very, very last thing anyone wants is Pluto to come in and do it for you. *shudder* Pluto’s idea of cleaning house is to burn the old one down and build a new one.

The Universe must be smiling on us because the sky this week is on the tranquil side. There are a couple of aspects involving Venus in Virgo on Wednesday that may create trouble in our love lives or with our cash flow. Venus opposes Chiron in Pisces and is inconjunct Mr. Unpredictable, Uranus in Aries. It is really quite easy to avoid problems . . . simply treat your loved ones with unfailing kindness and respect. That is the way to prevent stepping on sensitive toes and opening old wounds unnecessarily.

The weekend finds Venus getting on well with Saturn in Scorpio and while this may not be the most exciting or romantic aspect it is wonderful for mending fences. Nothing underlines the importance of being a dependable and responsible lover like a harmonious Saturn-Venus aspect after all.

Fire and air folk ought to enjoy a bright shiny new Mars in Sagittarius, dashing around spreading cheer and goodwill. However the square to Neptune in Pisces on Sunday may promote denial and a need to escape from unpleasant realities. In fact that Mars-Neptune square may prove downright dangerous unless precautions are taken. The ability to evaluate risk is seriously impaired and considering Mars in Sagittarius’s penchant for depending heavily on luck, it may be dicey for those who make assumptions and engage in risky behaviors.

Be well, stay safe and find time to relax in the company of friends and family.

If you know your Rising sign, please read the horoscope for it too. 😀

Your spirit of adventure takes flight this week, Aries, and you may be more open to exploring different belief systems than usual. The idea of taking some time to do some traveling might begin to seriously take root now though it might be better to hold off finalizing plans until after this weekend.

The even tenor of your life may be interrupted mid-week, Taurus, by some drama in your love life which may feel like it came out of nowhere. Do your best to ride this out and not let it throw you too far off balance. This should begin to blow over on the weekend.

The next month or so may find your one-on-one relationships re-energized and infused with excitement, Gemini, something you will probably welcome. You enjoy change as long as it looks like fun and for the most part, it should be. Be careful who you party with this weekend . . . appearances can be deceptive.

On the whole this looks to be an easy week for you to navigate, Cancer, with any storminess occurring mid-week which may be the result of someone changing things up unexpectedly at work. You should be able to find the right words to smooth this over. Overindulging on the weekend would not be the best idea.

The changes beginning to roll in this week, Leo, ought to brighten your life right up again, and if you’re having fun so does everyone around you. Do remember to take your budget into account mid-week and avoid impulsive buys because they might not look so great once you get them home.

Your feelings may be hurt this week, Virgo, because someone may not appreciate your efforts to please them. Let it go for now. They will probably show up with an apology sooner or later. You too need to be careful who you invite into your home this weekend.

Be sure to maintain your usual tactful and diplomatic way of communicating, Libra, over the next couple of months because your words may have more force behind than usual. What you need to watch out for this weekend is saying something you don’t mean just to be nice, OK?!

Taking a more proactive role when it comes to your budget and earning capacity makes sense now, Scorpio. I would caution holding off on putting any changes into motion until next week. Decisions made over the weekend could reflect too much wishful thinking and not enough realism.

The greatest challenge for you this week, Sagittarius, is to maintain a steady pace and not get ahead of yourself. You are brimming over with energy and enthusiasm now but need to direct all this energy wisely. Do your best to develop a realistic plan and stick with it, especially regarding your next career move.

After dodging bullets last week, Capricorn, this week should be a piece of cake for you. Since the focus will be shifting next week to your long term goals, you may want to spend extra time doing some internal housecleaning in order to be ready to move on special opportunities as they arrive.

You are a natural activist, Aquarius, and the idea of getting involved in a program you know will bring about groundbreaking changes that will have a positive effect on many lives sings to you. Start looking around now for one that is a good fit. Don’t get in too big a hurry to commit though.

Prepare to start having to commit a great deal more time and energy to developing your public persona, Pisces. If you haven’t given much thought to what direction you want to take your career, now is a good time to start doing so. Sit with your ideas this week before making your move.

Image: © Diane Lang


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