Libra Weekly Horoscopes for September 22, 2014

Big, big week ahead with plenty of forward momentum beginning to build and it all starts with the Autumnal Equinox when the Sun shifts into equitable Libra on Monday evening. We are going into the last quarter before the Winter Solstice and here in the northern hemisphere we are already very aware the days are growing shorter.

Twenty four hours after the equinox there is a Libra New Moon which strengthens the sense of new beginnings. Falling as it does on the equinox, setting clear priorities for the next three months is more important than usual. And that may not be easy with the inconjunct from the luminaries to Neptune in Pisces who prefers to erase boundaries rather than create them.

Another far more subtle event occurs on Monday and that is Pluto stationing direct at 11° Capricorn. Pluto moves so slowly it spends weeks at one degree before changing direction. I doubt if most of us will even notice this now though people who have personal planets at 11° in the cardinal signs may look back and realize circumstances did begin to shift around this time.

A major influence developing this week is a trine between eternally optimistic Jupiter in Leo and edgy Uranus in Aries. This fiery trine will be in effect for the next ten days or so and will have Mars in Sagittarius joining them to create a Grand Trine in fire around October 1. For some this could be a very fortunate time when the pieces all fall into place with little effort but I’m betting those who are well prepared and have a solid foundation in place already will benefit the most. So get your ducks in a row now, people! When opportunities arise, things will probably move very quickly with Uranus in the mix.

On Saturday, Mercury will leave airy Libra for the deep, dark waters of Scorpio and conversations may have less social froth and more substance. Scorpio is far more willing to dig around in the dark side to discover the whys and wherefores than Libra. Objectivity will probably go out the window too. By the way, Mercury is also slowing to station retrograde on October 4, and a slowing Mercury requires us to pay more attention because it is easy to lose track of the details then.

Seeing life through rose-colored glasses is easy on Sunday when the Libra Sun is inconjunct Neptune in Pisces. Both Libra and Pisces prefer a peaceful atmosphere and are willing to suspend reality occasionally to achieve that.

The rush of cardinal energy streaming in on the equinox can be a heady experience and it will be easy to run far ahead of ourselves, especially with Mercury beginning to slow down. Be very sure you know what you are agreeing to before signing any important documents or jumping feet first into a new relationship . . . otherwise enjoy the ride!

If you know your Rising sign, please read the horoscope for it too. 😀

Your creative juices are flowing now, Aries, and it will take a great deal of discipline on your part not to run off half-cocked in six different directions at once. It might be a good idea to make a plan and stick to it. This may save you having to backtrack at a later date which could be embarrassing.

If you have been looking at properties lately with a mind to buy, Taurus, you could get lucky this week and happen across exactly what you’ve been looking for. Your naturally methodical approach ought to serve you very well when others are rushing around making fools of themselves. Have fun!

Your innate talent for persuasion is operating at a very high level this week, Gemini, so please treat it with respect. Talking someone into something they may not want to do can come back to haunt you. Be aware you may lose some of your mental acuity going into the weekend. Sorry about that!

This time of year your thoughts naturally turn towards your home and family, Cancer. You may start to make plans to have people over, or perhaps look around to decide if there are some home improvement projects you wish to do. A small stroke of luck at work may improve your cash flow, always a pleasant turn of events.

If you are even halfway prepared to take advantage of opportunities coming your way, Leo, the next couple of weeks could turn out very favorably for you. One thing to keep in mind is your thinking process may not be all that clear and it would be a very good idea to double check all the pertinent facts before finalizing anything.

Whether you realize it or not, Virgo, you have plenty of support behind the scenes should you end up having to manage a financial emergency of some kind. This week is a good time to sit down and work on your budget. Be sure to include a little extra for making a few changes around the house.

It’s time to take your turn in the spotlight, Libra, ready or not! This is the start of a new cycle for you and deciding where you want to focus your attention in the coming days can be the key to success. Look to your partner for original ideas and your peers for enthusiastic support.

One thing most of you are good at, Scorpio, is making your own luck. After living under Saturn’s thumb the past couple of years, you know it usually takes consistent effort to get the results you want. Unexpected help from coworkers may be exactly what you need to take the next step up the ladder of success.

There is little stopping you these days, Sagittarius, and if you aren’t riding your luck as hard as you can, I would be amazed! One thing most of you love to do more than anything is to be in motion, exploring new places and meeting new people. Networking with your associates ought to work well for you now.

Be prepared to start putting in more time working on career related projects, Capricorn. Since you usually like to be prepared, you probably already have some good ideas in place and have been waiting for the right moment to set those in motion. Be cautious about sharing your best ideas with your associates.

If you need to come up with an innovative solution now, Aquarius, a good place to start would be brainstorming with your partner, either business or personal. They have luck on their side right now and it could rub off on you. If you are in the mood to learn something new, now is a great time to sign up for a class.

The atmosphere this week may turn out to feel too hot and dry for you, Pisces, with too much chatter and not enough down time. This should begin to improve over the weekend though it might be a good idea to resist being less than forthright with those close to you.

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  1. Ach. Jupiter in Leo on my natal Uranus (conj Asc/Moon) and trine from transiting Uranus in Aries is severely interfering with my sleep. Well, that and hot flashes 😦 Too much fire! Or intermittently too much fire anyway. On the positive side, social life has picked up as friends have been wanting to get together to celebrate my recent birthday. I’d enjoy it a lot more if I wasn’t sleep deprived!

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