Libra Weekly Horoscopes for September 29, 2014


What’s not to like about this coming week? Venus is thrilled to be home in Libra and we have a waxing Grand Trine in fire beginning to gain momentum! Sounds good doesn’t it? There is one small catch . . . Mercury in Scorpio is slowing to station retrograde on Saturday, October 4 which happens to be the same day the Libra Sun squares Pluto in Capricorn.

Failure to take a slowing Mercury into account is not a good idea. However the standard precautions are fairly easy to follow. Remember to read anything you are signing with care, backup your data, call ahead to confirm reservations and generally plan on extra time if you have to be somewhere at a certain time. Since it is Mercury in Scorpio, people are bound to be holding information back for one reason or another, requiring more time and patience than usual to extract it. Check the area of your chart where 2° Scorpio falls to get a better of idea where the greatest challenges lie.

The weekend is the sore point this week because that is when Mercury stations and the Libra Sun has issues with Pluto in Capricorn. Face offs between those two are usually icily polite because both Libra and Capricorn believe in social correctness and usually work very hard at maintaining appearances instead of screaming obscenities! The knives will be very sharp and words even sharper . . . it is Mercury in Scorpio after all.

The best evening to go out on date night is Friday when the inconjunct between Venus in Libra and Neptune in Pisces is in effect. The little extra dose of romantic fog ought to help ease any awkwardness. The building influence of the Mars-Uranus trine in fire, exact at 14° late Saturday or early Sunday, will make going to a ball game or taking long walks outdoors very attractive. Also increases the possibility of quickly acting on the attraction couples feel towards one another. Whether or not this works out well depends on the degree of intimacy already in place. Affairs entered into now may end as quickly as they started.

How we experience this week may depend on what element dominates our natal chart. Those with plenty of fire who embrace the Grand Trine in fire will probably be the most upbeat and inclined to power on through no matter what. Air folk may find Mercury slowing to station in reserved Scorpio interferes with their ability to express themselves though the Sun and Venus in airy Libra could offset this.

Those with a preponderance in water benefit from intuitive Mercury in Scorpio along with Saturn and Neptune in Scorpio and Pisces. It is the earth sign contingent who may experience the most frustration as they watch so many around them flying by the seat of their pants and completely ignoring common sense solutions. Best be kind to your earth sign friends because many of us are going to need their sound advice sooner or later!

If you know your Rising sign, please read the horoscope for it too. 😀

The biggest problem you might run into this week, Aries, is moving so fast you blow right past some very important details. You know . . . the ones you wish you had taken time for because its information you realize later you really, really need? The obvious remedy is to slow down and pay attention, isn’t it? Just a suggestion.

If you want to rid yourself of lingering stress related aches and pains, Taurus, please go ahead and schedule a nice massage with your favorite therapist. Be sure to ask for all the little extras like scented oils and pleasant background music. Aroma therapy is something you usually benefit from. Communicating with your partner this week may have its sketchy moments.

Gemini, I suggest you minimize your usual multitasking this week and choose to focus on one project or conversation at a time. The short term frustration you experience will probably be offset by avoiding mistakes with lasting consequences. Be sure to make note of especially creative thoughts floating by now.

Just about the time you are beginning to feel like your relationship with your extended family is seriously looking up, Cancer, you may run into an instant replay of issues that cropped up earlier this year. This weekend and early next week are when the situation may be the most intense.

When I mentioned fire signs powering on through, Leo, I was thinking of you! Having a positive attitude usually works quite well for you and you aren’t about let anything or anyone interfere with that. Please be as clear and concise as possible in your conversations with your parents or other family members now.

Virgo, please be sure to give yourself a break this week if you find yourself rendered inarticulate at an awkward moment. You do prefer to choose your words with care under normal circumstances, and as the week progresses it may take you longer than usual to find the right ones. Take some time alone over the weekend to recharge.

Enjoy the appreciative looks and compliments that may come your way now, Libra. Smile sweetly and say thank you! If someone decides to go all controlling on you over the weekend, they may find out why Libra is known as the iron fist in the velvet glove. You shouldn’t have any trouble speaking up for yourself.

If you have a knotty problem to solve, Scorpio, now is a good time to start digging into it because it won’t bother you all that much to tease it apart one strand at a time. You might find your sense of time is less reliable this week so please check your schedule frequently to make sure you don’t miss important appointments.

This is one of those weeks when it may become apparent, Sagittarius, you do dance to the beat of a different drummer than those around you. Your spirit of adventure is very strong now and if the opportunity to travel presents its self, you will probably jump all over it. Double check reservations, etc before you leave!

This week you may begin to attract some favorable attention for all the hard work you’ve been putting in, Capricorn, so give yourself permission to relax and enjoy it. If you feel the urge to start micro-managing at work late this week, consider the consequences. Be aware your networking efforts may grind to a halt over the weekend. Taking a break is fine, OK?!

If you have a chance, Aquarius, be sure to spend time with the most upbeat, positive people you know and allow their optimistic attitude to rub off on you. If you have been thinking of talking to your supervisors, you might want to hold off for a week or so.

Pisces, you should be able to swim around any the turmoil developing as the week draws to a close as long as you allow your intuition to be your guide. However, if someone suggests doing some traveling, please hold off finalizing your plans until late next week. Consider spending time in a beautiful setting this weekend to soothe your spirit.

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