Crazy Busy Times . . .

Frazzled Cat

It has been one of those weeks when life swooped in and took over my writing time. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries turned out to be a regular pot stirrer for me since it aligned with both my Libra Moon and my Aries husband’s Aries Moon. Had to drop everything to give him a hand on his job! He is also in the process of scheduling an elective surgery for his feet (shades of last April when he was hospitalized).

My Cancer dad is in the process of transitioning from Medicare coverage to his Long Term Care insurance and since I am handling that, it has also consumed a chunk of time. My Scorpio sister and I have spent far too many hours in banks too. We finally managed to collect the correct documents to get into his bank box and discovered our parent’s birth certificates! Turns out my dad has a late Libra Moon-Mars, both of which conjunct my Sun. He also has a late Taurus Ascendant which falls on my Descendant . . . no wonder I have ended up on his short list for those he trusts to handle his affairs!

Saturn is currently sitting on the midpoint between my Scorpio Mars and Mercury in the twelfth house, reflecting all the hours I’ve spent dealing with institutions of one kind or another since last Spring. Banks, nursing homes, hospitals and insurance companies all make that list. Wonder what will happen when Saturn emerges from my twelfth in November? More responsibilities to come? Yikes!

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  1. Yeah, busy busy. I had a rerun with my sister similar to April, having a breakdown/breakthrough and causing stress. Coming right now but not to be repeated! Saturn in my 10th. I could happily get on the next plane outta Dodgers! 🙂

    • It’s like “same song, different verse” isn’t it? We have 2 more Uranus-Pluto sqs to get thru, one Dec 15 at 12° & the final one on March 17 at 15°. 😀

      xoxo diane~

  2. Hi Diane,

    Saturn will be leaving my 12th very soon, too. I see these responsibilities as work related. We have a temporary boss who is useless but the staff is learning a lot and ‘Knowledge is Power”. My life these past 6 years has been responsibilities, responsibilities,responsibilities. How will the Saturn retrograd affect us as it will go back and forth twice across our Ascendent?

    • Hi Linda,

      It was 1985 when Saturn was passing back & forth over our ASCs. I know . . . a long, long time ago! It was a busy time in my life. I was working w/a personal trainer & spent an average of 2 hrs/doing healthy stuff plus working at a local library. Full days. Very visibly busy being a responsible person. 😀

      xoxo diane~

  3. INteresting! My dad’s been dealing with what I believe is a Pluto transit to the Asc. I don’t have his correct birth time so I can’t be sure but it seems to be so. He’s been dealing with an infected foot (complications of diabetes since age 11) that has slowly, slowly, slowly been healing, but not without a lot of adjustment. He almost lost it but thankfully has kept it due to treatment.

    Good luck to you and Rod! 🙂

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