Libra Weekly Horoscopes for October 13, 2014

shimmering morning light
Those of us whose lives were affected by last week’s Lunar Eclipse ought to sincerely appreciate the sedate pace and generally upbeat sky this week. Mercury has moved back into Libra and taking a fair, balanced approach to problem solving is back in fashion again.

After the hits both the Libra Sun and Venus took from Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn recently, they need the heaps of TLC fiery Mars in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Leo are applying this week. Tuesday finds Venus getting kisses from Jupiter and Wednesday it is the Sun’s turn to feel the love from Mars. The bruises to our one-on-one relationships should begin to heal under the warm, loving attention inspired by the two planets in fire signs. The real fun begins on the weekend when Venus moves into a sextile to Mars on Sunday. The attraction here begins with laughter and can deepen into a lighthearted love affair.

Mercury in Libra plays an active role this week when it conjoins the Sun and is sextile Mars in Sagittarius on Thursday. Friday Mercury will conjoin Venus in Libra and it will be sextile to Jupiter in Leo on Monday, October 20. If you need to renegotiate agreements, or come up with a sincere apology for something said or done in the heat of the moment last week, this is the time to get cracking on those. We will have a far easier time seeing and hearing both sides of the story now.

This is also the last full week of Libra season and Libras who celebrate their birthdays from now until the Sun moves into Scorpio on October 23 will have the blessing of a Sun-Venus conjunction in their Solar Returns. They also may have either Jupiter in Leo or Mars in Sagittarius sextile the Sun or Venus, great for having an upbeat attitude over the coming year.

Whether you are starting a new relationship or working on mending fences in an existing one, there is plenty of thoughtful, sweet Libra energy to draw on. This is one of those breathing spaces we are allowed to enjoy on occasion so make the most of it! By the way, the shift from Libra to Scorpio this year will be abrupt and could feel like diving into a deep pool of cold water on a hot summer’s day!

If you know your Rising sign, please read the horoscope for it too. 😀

In your rush to have your way last week, Aries, you may have inadvertently stepped on your partner’s feelings. Now would be a great time to make up for that, starting with a sincere apology accompanied by chocolate and flowers. Well, those last two aren’t necessary but would be appreciated!

You usually get on quite well with your coworkers, Taurus, because you understand the need to be fair and equitable in your dealings with them. This week you may be feeling especially generous and appreciative of the efforts of others on your behalf. Thank them kindly. Maybe share some of your stash of good chocolate?

This week ought to be a good one for you, Gemini. Your creative abilities are back online and you could be feeling the love from your partner. Ideas you come up with now should be golden and well worth making note of to act on at a later date. Enjoy!

To help you shake off any lingering effects from last week’s punches, Cancer, I recommend taking a walk through your home and contemplating what decorative changes you would love to make. You might be able to find a little extra something in your budget now to make that happen.

If you went a little overboard with pitching your latest enthusiasm recently, Leo, you can make up for it now. You can be very charming and sweet when you want to be and no one can come up with a better compliment than you. Don’t forget to capitalize on your creative ideas too.

You might not realize yet, Virgo, but you do have plenty of support from those who work behind the scenes. And if they have any say in it, you may see an improvement in your cash flow. Like Cancer, you might be able to see your way clear to making some improvements in your home.

This week will hopefully make up for some of the hits you took last week, Libra. If your nearest and dearest hurt your feelings, perhaps they will come around and make up for it now. Your ability to get your point across in a direct but kind manner works well this week.

Knowing you, Scorpio, you have a lot going on in your life you haven’t shared with hardly anyone. You continue to be the responsible one and even if it doesn’t seem like those around you are acknowledging this, they will eventually. Once thing you excel at is biding your time and revealing all at exactly the right moment.

This is a great week to be actively involved in meeting and greeting, Sagittarius, especially with those you consider your peers. It is also a good time to explore different travel plans. You may want to hold off on heading out the door for another week or so . . . just browse travel websites and dream.

I certainly hope this week brings your hardworking self some well deserved recognition, Capricorn, so burnish your public persona and prepare to say thank you. Pay keen attention to investment opportunities as those may turn out to be golden in the long run. Should be a calmer week on the home front too.

You may in the mood to socialize this week, Aquarius. To keep things lively include your significant other who has a knack for being the life of the party these days. You might even be able to combine an opportunity to learn something new while enjoying the company of your friends. Win win!

Continue to put the lion’s share of your energy into meeting your career goals now, Pisces, and make the most of the good will in your work environment this week. If you need to review your investments, now is a good time for that.

Image:  © Diane Lang


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