New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, October 23, 2014

New Moon: photo by Michael Myers

Scorpio season rolls in with a punch this year . . . a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 00° 25′ Scorpio on 23 October 2014 02:58 PM PDT leads the way. It will feel like diving into a deep, cool pool on water on a hot, dry summer’s day, very refreshing but what a rush!

The last couple of days the Sun is in Libra are predominately cardinal air with a healthy dose of fire before everything changes to a sky dominated by fixed water with a leavening of earth. It will probably take us a few days to a week to adjust to this new landscape, especially for those whose charts are heavy to fire and air. Water signs are going to begin reviving almost immediately as their beings absorb the influx of water, and earth signs too will feel nurtured again.

The Sun, Moon and Venus are tightly conjoined in Scorpio and all three are widely trine Neptune in Pisces. The old quote about a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma seems very appropriate for this configuration. There is a great deal to be learned but the information may only be accessed by being still and becoming quiet within. Unless we take a receptive posture and practice our active listening skills, we will miss most of what we need to know.

This is an excellent time to learn how to meditate one way or another. Since Mars in Sagittarius forms an out-of-sign sextile to the Scorpio stellium, doing a form of moving meditation may work better than sitting quietly. For some people walking or running alone in a natural setting is very effective. Whatever it takes to get in touch with what is going on within is what counts.

Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto, is beginning to reengage with Uranus in Aries once more as they move towards their next exact square on December 15 at 12°. Between now and then we can see a return of the issues we dealt with last April . . . unfortunately. The Lunar Eclipse in Aries on October 8 activated these and for many of us there is little choice but to deal with them.

Retrograde Mercury in Libra conjoins the North Node with both sextile Jupiter in Leo at this time. We might find ourselves thinking about our relationships, both past and present, in a new light and with a more positive attitude. A waxing square between Jupiter and Saturn in Scorpio provides some much needed ballast and grounding in reality. (F.Y.I. Jupiter and Saturn do not quite make an exact square before Jupiter slows to station retrograde in December.)

As I see it the greatest challenge of this marvelous New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio is dealing with the abrupt change in atmosphere. Focus on accepting this new reality. Relaxing and letting go is the key as it was when we learned how to float in the water as children. Continuing to drive forward forcefully simply won’t work as we move from cardinal air to fixed water. I almost hate to say it but go with the flow . . .

On a personal note: This New Moon falls on the cusp of my twelfth house, still conjoining my Libra Sun, with Saturn in Scorpio sitting on my natal Mercury in the twelfth. Twelfth house themes have been strong in my life for months now and I’m hoping maybe this will modify some soon. Perhaps this powerful New Moon eclipse will turn the tide . . . though I doubt it! 🙂

Mars in Sagittarius does its bit via a sextile to my Libra Sun, bringing a temporary lift in energy and spirits.

Image:  © photo by Michael Myers from his website, The Moon


5 responses to “New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, October 23, 2014

  1. If the rerun of April’s pressures involves more financial pain I will scream. More then three years of tough financial lessons is now wearing incredibly thin. Enough already, lesson learned. The last few years have been a horror for Libra. When will it end?

  2. Hi Diane,

    Do you think this Mercury on our 12th house cusp will reveal any secrets or answers to some long simmering questions?

  3. Hey, Dom

    I understand completely as a fellow Libra. It’s been about6 years for me; Saturn Return, Saturn in Libra, Saturn in the 12th about to pass over my Ascendent TWICE! I had a brief 9 months thinking I saw a light at the end of the Saturn tunnel and then last August, Saturn struck again.By now, I have developed a thick skin, but Saturn is never easy.

  4. I too have 12th house Scorpio, in which is my Sun is 10 dgr’s, Asc 23 dgr’s and Mercury at 29 dgr’s. At the moment I am rendered useless by stomach ulcers,(natal Saturn 24dgr’s Cancer) feeling completely powerless, with not much fight left in me. All due to Saturn on my Asc but this is just the latest in 4 years of full on Saturn aspects. I have Neptune, Chiron, Jupiter Venus and the Moon all in Libra so Saturn’s transit’s over these one after the other had been a relentless struggle ending with it transiting (3 times) my Moon 23 dgr’s retrograding twice, when we lost our beautiful young niece, her Sun also at 23 dgr’s Libra.
    Cant wait for it to leave Scorpio but who knows what it will bring to Mercury and the first house? Got to be easier, hasn’t it?…..xxxx

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