Mercury Retch Stations Direct . . . At Last!



This has not been a particularly fun Mercury Retch and I’m thrilled the pesky little planet is finally going direct today at 16° Libra within a degree of my Moon. Mercury retrogrades in air are probably my least favorite because they seem to interfere more with the flow of information. Something as simple as getting a document signed and mailed can turn into a laborious project . . . took me close to two weeks in part because I forgot to have my sister sign one very important place on the form. Juggling my own tasks and dealing with my father’s financial affairs has turned out to be very time consuming. I’ve spent far too much time talking to people who work for various institutions like banks, nursing homes, clinics and insurance companies.

When we are already under pressure from a major transit of any kind, having Mercury traveling in reverse often makes it that much harder to meet all the demands those usually entail. The expression “the devil is in the details” can turn out to be very true. Once Mercury gets back up to speed over the next few days, I’m hoping we will all start to have an easier time getting all those details plugged into place and some positive momentum begin to build again.

One day at a time . . . one day at a time. 😀

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2 responses to “Mercury Retch Stations Direct . . . At Last!

  1. And no stretching lol. I actually went into another town to hand deliver my tax details, only too find it closed. I posted through the door. At least I cut out the postman losing it!

  2. The problem with Mercury retrograde is that you forget to remember it is retrograde until some arrangement or appointment is mixed up or missed. By then there is no in point knowing! It is very tricky in that way, bit like a pick pocket…..x

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