Libra Weekly Horoscopes for October 27, 2014

Scorpio with red rose

Once again we are blessed with a week of relatively calm skies allowing us to catch our breath and begin to recover from the intensity of last week with its Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse. However the fact remains it is Scorpio Season and Scorpio is not known for flinching away from the hard parts in life.

Neptune in Pisces steps in the first of the week to sooth the Sun-Venus conjunction in Scorpio. Empathy and compassion are this Neptune’s gifts to us, bringing out the healing energy inherent in Scorpio and holding back the knife. Love is best expressed through thoughtful deeds rather than words. Give your beloved plenty of hugs and kisses. Taking out the garbage without being asked is a very Scorpio way of expressing affection!

We need to adjust to a powerful Mars in Capricorn this week and here again Neptune in Pisces proves helpful via a sextile to Mars on Saturday . . . same day Venus in Scorpio is sextile Pluto in Capricorn! Passion and compassion are a heady mix. This ought to make those Halloween/Samhain celebrations very interesting indeed.

By the weekend, Mercury in Libra will be back up to speed and a sextile to Jupiter in Leo on Saturday looks great for coming up with the right words to brighten everyone’s day. For all of us who are more than ready to put the recent Mercury retrograde behind us, this aspect will help considerably.

Water and earth sign folk are going to be much happier this week then they have been in quite awhile. Fixed water (Scorpio) is the dominate element and it may be wiser to draw on our emotional intelligence than depend solely on logic and reason. Listen as closely to what your heart is telling you as your head. We may as well get used to doing so now while Mercury in Libra is still available to translate because once Mercury dives into Scorpio on November 8, the water gets very deep.

I came down with a nasty flu bug over the weekend. Thankfully I had written this portion before I got ill. Hopefully the worst is over and I am on the mend.

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