Full Moon in Taurus, November 6, 2014

Full Moon in Taurus

After all the excitement of the Aries Full Moon Lunar Eclipse which was followed by the intense Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse in October, this garden variety Full Moon at 14° 26′ Taurus on 8 November 2014, 02:23 PM PST might seem rather boring. Any good fixed sign person will happily inform you boring can be a very good thing at times. We need to get back to our basic routines and consolidate our lives once more.

It so happens Venus, the planet associated with Taurus, conjoins the Scorpio Sun on this lunation. Being embraced by both the Sun and Moon is good for this dark, introspective Venus and may encourage her to relax and enjoy herself. Taurus can be very good at getting Scorpio to feel safe because they know Taurus tends to be consistent. Besides, Taurus gives the best foot massages around!

Uranus in Aries will probably do its best to jolt the Sun, Moon and Venus out of what it may see as their complacency via an inconjunct to the Sun-Venus but I doubt if even Uranus will get very far. This chart is dominated by planets in the fixed signs and that translates as stubborn as a rock. My feeling is people are worn out from dealing with one challenge after another in recent months and are in need of a protracted break. Even energetic fire and detached air folk are beginning to wear down. Sometimes we need to do ordinary things like eat our favorite comfort foods, watch a favorite movie in our pajamas or take a walk on a familiar path with no surprises.

Another planet in fixed Scorpio is Saturn who has passed the point he went retrograde last March and is now on his way to Sagittarius. Saturn is widely square to Jupiter in Leo now. Jupiter and Saturn have very different missions and these differences are intensified by Jupiter being in outgoing, exuberant Leo while Saturn is in pragmatic, private Scorpio. Often the square brings those differences into sharp focus, allowing us to decide what to do next. What Jupiter in Leo inspires us to do may take more than a little Saturn in Scorpio tenacity and work ethic.

Venus in Scorpio is making a waxing square to Jupiter in Leo (exact on November 9). When Venus and Jupiter are square they can lead us into all kinds of mischief by tempting us to overindulge, spend too much money and generally play too hard. Think long and carefully before taking that step because this is a fixed square and the consequences will linger. Scorpio and Leo both have long memories, so please don’t let this passionate influence lead you somewhere you know it is not wise to go.

A couple of more favorable aspects are very different but equally helpful. One is a waning sextile between Mars in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces. The other is a waning sextile between Mercury in Libra and Jupiter in Leo. Neptune is still gentling Mars in Capricorn’s tendency to punch through walls to get where it needs to go, but even so this is a very powerful, self-directed Mars. The Mercury-Jupiter sextile has been wonderful for allowing us to see our challenges as solvable rather than dead ends.

Embrace the ordinary, everyday events that make up our daily lives and use this Taurus Full Moon to realize how living in those moments can actually be an extraordinary experience. Too much of our time and energy this past year has been driven by the cardinal drive to forge ahead . . . a little time focusing on the little sweet things in life can be very refreshing.

On a personal note: The closest aspects for me are Mercury conjoining my natal Chiron in Libra and Saturn in Scorpio as good as conjunct my Ascendant. Those are both influences bound to help make a person aware of their vulnerabilities and hopefully begin to understand how to turn those to strengths.

Saturn crossing the Ascendant marks the end of one cycle of growth and the beginning of the next. A time of letting go of outgrown responsibilities in order to prepare for assuming new ones. At this point in my life, Saturn is showing up right on time to help me grow old with a modicum of grace . . . probably by making sure I am diligent about sticking with a good diet and exercise routine. Staying active, both mentally and physically, can be the key. One thing I have noticed is when Saturn is in the first house we seldom gain weight!

By the way, I am on the mend from the nasty virus but now my Aries husband is down with it. It was a norovirus and those are extremely contagious. Ugh!

Image:  © Sasa Maricic | Dreamstime.com


3 responses to “Full Moon in Taurus, November 6, 2014

  1. Glad to hear you’re over the worst of the norovirus. A friend has had it twice and it’s not good. Hope your OH is back to his usual ‘dynamic’ self……soon.

    R xx

  2. Er .. a little typo above. I believe the Full Moon is today November 6th, not November 8th as mentioned above. 🙂

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