Libra Weekly Horoscopes for November 24, 2014


The prevailing mood this week is upbeat and celebratory for the most part. The Sun is thrilled to be back in fiery Sagittarius and in mutual reception with Jupiter in Leo. Venus in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries give us four planets in fire which will make all the fire sign folk very happy campers. When the Sun squares Neptune in Pisces midweek, we could find ourselves in a state of irrational exuberance . . . so not the best place to make critical life changing decisions. In fact, I highly recommend putting all critical decisions on hold until the Winter Solstice when practical Capricorn comes to the rescue.

The first couple of days this week we benefit from Mars inconjunct Jupiter on Monday and a dour Mercury-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio on Tuesday. Advice from these two planets will be incisive, extremely pragmatic and probably will not be what people want to hear. The Mars in Cappy inconjunct to Jupiter in Leo also encourages us to err on the side of caution when taking action. My feeling is most people are going to be too busy enjoying the Sagittarius buzz to pay much attention.

Wednesday is the turning point when the true Sagittarius party begins! That’s when the Sun squares Neptune and Venus is trine Uranus in Aries. The following day Mercury leaves cynical Scorpio for blunt, opinionated Sagittarius, bring the number of planets in fire signs up to five. By Sunday, Mercury in Sagittarius will takes its turn squaring Neptune in Pisces. Did I mention this was an iffy time for making sensible decisions?

Here in the USA we celebrate Thanksgiving Day on Thursday with family and lots of good food. I am a big fan of this particular holiday, mostly because I love to prepare and eat our family’s favorite Thanksgiving dishes. Pumpkin pie, turkey, fresh cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and gravy are all on the table in my house. Many people look forward to the shopping on Black Friday. I foresee plenty of impulse buying this year!

Scorpio Season felt particularly dark this year and the desire to run off and play hard this week could hit some very hard. Choose a “designated driver” or set firm limits to what you can spend before you head out the door so you can have a grand time without guilt. Have a wonderful week!

If you know your Rising sign, please read the horoscope for it too. 😀

This time of year, Aries, you often get a serious case of itchy feet and feel the need to do some traveling. These urges may be quite strong this year and you could find yourself making reservations to head somewhere sunny and warm. Please pay attention to what your boss has to say the first of the week.

Anytime you can sock money away in investments where it makes good interest, Taurus, you feel warm all over. The next few weeks may present plenty of opportunities to take a look at different options. However, I recommend checking those out thoroughly before taking action because some may be too good to be true.

Life is finally beginning to brighten up for you, Gemini, and this is due in large part to your significant other or long time friends. They are more than willing to do whatever it takes to cheer you up and make you laugh. Your own sense of humor comes back on line late this week. Enjoy!

The first few days this week are much more favorable for you, Cancer, though not exactly warm and fuzzy. The next few weeks leading up to the Solstice can be plenty of fun for you but may also wretch havoc with your budget and your diet. Now is a good time to put together a firm plan to handle those obstacles.

Next to the hot, lazy days of Leo Season, this time of year is probably your favorite, Leo, because there are plenty of social activities offering you opportunities to shine. You also love giving and receiving gifts. This week marks the start of all the fun for you. Have a great time!

You may have mixed feelings about Sagittarius Season, Virgo, in part because you usually value your privacy and this time of year often brings family to your doorstep. It might help to go ahead and give yourself permission to have a good time . . . you usually do once you get to the party.

Your outlook ought to improve markedly as the week progress, Libra. People should respond favorably to what you are saying and even laugh at your little jokes. Spreading cheer and goodwill comes naturally to you now. Be careful about stretching the truth in order to tell a better story as this may backfire on you.

You are in the process of slipping back out of the public eye, Scorpio, and this should suit you just fine. Many of your astute suggestions early in the week may be ignored because most people are not in the mood to listen. Take care of your own business for now and focus on things like managing your own budget.

Not much is going to hold you back now, Sagittarius. Your natural optimism has returned in force as has your ability to charm. What you may need to watch out for is over-reaching because your ability to judge how much you can take on is going to be compromised midweek and into the weekend.

Conversations with your associates may not go well the first of the week, Capricorn, as you begin to withdraw and turn your attention inward. It is a good time to contemplate what you have accomplished during the past year in order to be prepared for the year ahead . . . something you understand quite well.

Please make it a priority to put the finishing touches on any important projects at work, Aquarius, before you allow yourself to be diverted by holiday celebrations. Might not be a bad idea to set firm limits ahead of time on how much you can spend for those celebrations too.

Pisces, you may find yourself far more visible at work than usual which can be disconcerting at times because you might not be too sure why. This is one of those times when smiling and saying “thank you” is the easiest way to go. Hey, you probably deserve every moment of recognition!

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