Moon in Leo + Jupiter trine Uranus Today!


Between a void-of-course Leo Moon and Jupiter in Leo exactly trine Uranus in Aries today, we run the risk of crossing the line between being cheerfully optimistic and irrationally exuberant. While viewing our lives from a new perspective might be easier today, it may be more challenging to summon the drive to make changes because the overall energy is very relaxed. ♃♌△♅♈

F.Y.I. if you have personal planets and/or ASC between 14°-15° in the cardinal signs as I do, the Uranus-Pluto square is probably a major factor in your life. Having Jupiter in Leo trine Uranus may exacerbate the turmoil, making this a less than upbeat event for you. I am running from one demanding situation to another these days . . . exhausting. Here’s to getting through March in one piece! ☼☽♌☼


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