Week of March 16, 2015


Monday brings an event we have all been waiting for, the final exact square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn at 15°. These two planets will remain at 15° until March 30 when Uranus begins to pull away. Pluto is going to station retrograde on April 16 and will end up spending a little over three months at 15°. However without Uranus to agitate matters, Pluto will likely go back to quietly forcing us to deal with our dark side over a period of years with far fewer alarms and excursions.

A more immediate concern on Monday is Mercury in Pisces squaring Saturn in Sagittarius. The source of annoyance can stem from the fire side demanding explanations and the water side being completely evasive. Pisces can do evasive forever and since Mercury is cheerfully heading towards conjoining Neptune in Pisces midweek, I’m guessing its ability to throw up a smokescreen will be quite effective. It makes more sense to let people figure out what they want to say at their own pace.

I have very good news for Taurus and Libra folk! Venus leaves arid Aries for the fertile fields of Taurus on Tuesday where she is completely at home. Taurus is into the simple pleasures like fine wines, plentiful good food and the food of the gods, chocolate. Show your appreciation for your favorite Venusian by making their favorite dessert or their comfort food of choice. By the way, people with Venus in Taurus have a knack for finding people who love to cook and are delighted to feed someone who obviously appreciates their efforts.

Friday ushers in two major events, a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 29° Pisces followed the Sun moving into Aries, marking the Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere and the beginning of a new zodiacal year. The desire to forge ahead is very strong with six planets in fire in the equinox chart. Make every effort this week to wind up important old business because what isn’t completed will probably get lost in noise and confusion of Aries Season.

Neither Venus in Taurus nor Mercury in Pisces is going to be very happy on Saturday. Venus is inconjunct Saturn in Sagittarius and Mercury is inconjunct Jupiter in Leo. Please keep in mind not everyone is an extrovert and plenty of us prefer quiet surrounding with generous amounts of solitude. It won’t hurt to respect these differences, OK?! A sextile between Mercury in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn on Sunday adds a note serenity which ought to be good for mending fences.

The Moon starts the week in detached, airy Aquarius, very good for maintaining a sense of perspective and seeing the larger picture. On Wednesday she enters retiring Pisces and remains there until early Friday. Focus on doing some internal housecleaning in preparation for the New Moon and the equinox. New beginnings are most successful if we aren’t weighed down by excess baggage. Friday and Saturday belong to the Aries Moon and will be good for setting priorities for what lies ahead. Sunday is truly a day of rest after the Moon arrives in placid Taurus first thing in the morning. Relax and rest up before new week begins.

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  1. So glad you’re back Diane, really missed your reports and thoughts. Hope you are well, I did worry about you and your family, so happy to be able to pop back into your site …..enjoying the new moon reports too! Happy Spring Equinox to you!

    • Thanks! Still running from one thing to another so posting here will be more random except for the daily lunar bits.

      Enjoy the Spring Equinox & the return of long, light days.

      xoxo diane~

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