Week of April 6, 2015



Boundaries need to be clearly defined and reinforced this week in order to prevent misunderstandings because the effects of the Lunar Eclipse in Libra may still be lingering. On Monday the Aries Sun conjoins Uranus and Mercury in Aries is trine Jupiter in Leo. To say people will have opinions and be willing to share those may be an understatement. Extroverts with plenty of fire in their charts won’t mind this at all but for reserved, sensitive types this could be hell.

The major player this week is Mercury in Aries. Conversations can turn into arguments very quickly because Aries seldom backs away from confrontation, usually the exact opposite. The trine to Jupiter in Leo on Monday will embolden it as will the conjunction with Uranus on Wednesday and the Sun on Thursday. Only the square to a very controlling Pluto in Capricorn on Tuesday will stifle the impulse to say whatever whenever.

There are times in most of our lives when saying our piece is important to our health and well being. This is especially true for shy and retiring people who tend to stay silent rather than let others know what they truly believe. With forthright Mercury in Aries encouraging us to step up and share our thoughts, this might be just what these folks need to get what needs saying out there. Naturally outgoing people are probably going to tilt towards the overbearing side. *sigh*

Stubborn Mars in Taurus encounters Saturn in Sagittarius on Monday. Taurus and Sagittarius have very little in common so this may not be the most pleasant influence. It takes place at 4° and will weigh most heavily on those with personal planets at 4° in the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) and the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius). What action to take and how to go about it look to be the most likely sources of conflict. If no agreement can be reached, you might want to wait until Sunday when Mars is sextile imaginative Neptune in Pisces. Then the solution may appear but only if you relax and let it happen. No pressure!

Two other significant events this week are Jupiter in Leo stationing direct at 12° on Wednesday and Venus leaving earthy Taurus for Gemini on Saturday. Jupiter stations direct on a day when the Moon is in the Jupiter ruled sign of Sagittarius giving us six planets in fire. Our attention will probably be focused on what’s to come along with a strong desire to strike out for somewhere new. For many of us this journey will probably be in our imagination but the sense of feeling more optimistic about the future may linger.

As much as I’ve enjoyed having Venus in her home sign of Taurus, her move into bright, capricious Gemini will give us some much need air again. Having planets in air often give us mental breathing room and many of us need that after all the recent intensity. Venus in Gemini’s idea of fun is very different from Venus in Taurus. She loves to flit about chatting with anyone who catches her fancy, no more lolling around eating chocolate. Go out with friends to a party or some other social event, and as long as it’s lively with plenty of interesting people, Venus in Gemini will be happy.

The Moon starts the week in Scorpio which puts it at odds with the dynamic Aries energy. Emotionally reserved, Scorpio is not comfortable with the Aries tendency to over-share. Wednesday and Thursday are fiery days with the Sagittarius Moon in full cry, happily going along with whatever the Sun-Uranus conjunction in Aries has in mind. Earth and water folk will be pleased to hear the Moon shifts into earthy Capricorn Friday morning. If you have business to attend to, Friday is the best day this week for that. Saturday the Capricorn Moon triggers the Uranus-Pluto square and tensions may creep back in temporarily. Sunday is the more relaxed of the weekend days with an Aquarius Moon playing nice with Venus in Gemini and Saturn in Sagittarius.

Lots of zippy fire energy livening up life this week. Take time to play if you can and if not, then use this force for achieving your next goal. I have to say this favors those with fire and air in their charts while it may be trying if your chart is heavy to earth and water. Staying in motion is a good plan.

Image: © Daywish