Week of April 27, 2015

Celebrating Taurus

On the whole this week seems reasonably calm and that is in keeping with the Taurus Sun’s preferences, especially the first half of the week. One significant change in store this week and that is Mercury returning to its home sign of Gemini on Thursday!

We are all blessed by Taurus Sun-Neptune in Pisces sextile on Wednesday. This is a beautiful, life enhancing aspect rich with imagination and compassion. It can inspire us to take practical actions on behalf of those in need of aid. This aspect brings Habit for Humanity to mind with its program for working with people to build their new homes. Sweat equity counts this week. Help out in your community garden or volunteer to help keep your neighborhood park clean.

Mars in Taurus and Venus in Gemini form aspects to Chiron in Pisces on Tuesday. A loving touch can soothe (Mars sextile Chiron) while flirting with the wrong person can be deeply wounding (Venus square Chiron). Please remember to behave in a thoughtful, respectful manner towards loved ones now and every day.

Bright spot this week for air signs is Mercury zipping into its home sign, Gemini. Mercury sparkles here, dashing about collecting tidbits of information and talking to anyone who will listen. This is a great time to spread your ideas far and wide. However Mercury does face a roadblock on Sunday when it is opposed by Saturn in Sagittarius. Frustration may result from being unable to find the right words, a Mercury in Gemini specialty. It is an excellent time to practice clarifying your thoughts before speaking.

The Moon travels from Leo to Scorpio this week. Monday finds the Leo Moon void-of-course most of the day before entering Virgo during the evening. Tuesday and Wednesday are both very good for staying on task and doing detail intensive work. Virgo enjoys creating order from other people’s chaos . . . for which we should all be very grateful. Once the Moon enters Libra on Thursday we may find ourselves devoting more time to our relationships. Friday the Libra Moon has to deal with Pluto and Uranus. This should prove less stressful and more in keeping with typical lunar mood swings. Saturday is the best weekend day to spend time relaxing with your sweetie. The Libra Moon goes void-of-course sextile Venus in Gemini, perfect for long, aimless conversations with your lover. The Moon slides into Scorpio Saturday evening and Sunday brings the rich, intense Full Moon in Scorpio.

Image: © Diane Lang