Week of May 11, 2015

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One of the more noticeable changes is when Mars shifts signs because Mars represents the action principle. On Monday Mars leaves slow but steady Taurus for quick moving Gemini. While Mars in Gemini isn’t the chameleon Mars in Pisces is, it is very good at adapting to sudden changes in circumstances. Downside is this Mars also can burn out fast. It doesn’t have the sheer staying power of a fixed sign Mars.

The first obstacle Mars meets is Saturn in Sagittarius on May 14-15 and we’ll probably feel this aspect waxing all week. Gemini and Sagittarius are compatible signs and being mutable are more flexible. Therefore it is possible this opposition can morph into a working partnership if given a chance. Saturn loves to color within the lines, bringing structure and order to life. Mars in Gemini can use its flexibility to respond to Saturn’s restrictions by seeing those as a creative challenge rather than roadblocks. Great artists are disciplined, hard working people who thrive on setting boundaries and working within them. Of course, you can always keep beating yourself up running into Saturn’s walls too . . . choose wisely.

A truly lovely aspect is Venus in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces on Saturday. This aspect is a true blessing for lovers everywhere, highlighting compassion and acceptance. This is an example of loving someone with eyes wide open and being able to embrace them warts and all. Saturday is a very good day to have a romantic date.

Monday is the day the Moon translates from fixed Aquarius to mutable Pisces. It is marks the fourth quarter Moon when it squares the Taurus Sun. Monday evening the Moon arrives in Pisces and the elements are balanced once more. Tuesday and Wednesday are quiet, both because there are no major aspects and because the Pisces Moon prefers it that way. The noise ratchets back up with the arrival of the Aries Moon very, very early Thursday. Thursday is also the day Mars opposes Saturn so I’m guessing it will see frustration peak. Being patient may not come easily for many. Thursday night and early Friday morning are this week’s cardinal crunch when the Aries Moon squares Pluto in the wee hours and conjoins Uranus shortly after dawn. The Moon-Uranus conjunction begins a void-of-course which lasts until after midnight Friday night. We will probably welcome the Taurus Moon on Saturday and Sunday. The Taurus New Moon occurs either late Sunday night or early Monday morning depending on whether you live in EDT or PDT.

Practicing patience is going to be needed this week. Pushy, impatient behaviors tend to rub off on others, so those of us who consistently practice patience and tolerance need to work very hard to offset that. It does help to have a good elemental balance in place where we can draw on air for perspective, fire for drive and enthusiasm, water for empathy, and earth for pragmatism. Be kind, people!

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT. 

Image: © Diane Lang