New Moon in Taurus, May 17, 2015

new moon

There are few more fertile times to plant the seeds for future growth of real world projects than the New Moon in Taurus. In the northern latitudes, the natural world is full of blooms and new growth. This lunation at 26° 56′ Taurus on May 17, 2015 09:14 PM PDT breathes the richness of new life into the atmosphere.

The closest aspect to the luminaries is a wide out-of-sign opposition from Saturn in Sagittarius which may not have a huge affect because earthy, practical Taurus understands working within limitations and boundaries. Steady growth and development are what Taurus nourishes best.

By the time of the New Moon, the opposition between Mars in Gemini and Saturn in Sagittarius has begun to wane though it still resonates. How this opposition plays out has a lot to do with whether or not individuals have chosen cooperation over confrontation. Mars and Saturn working as a team can accomplish an amazing amount of work. Gemini and Sagittarius are natural partners and both being mutable signs may help them find points of compromise. I hold out some hope for this one.

For those who fell in love or renewed their vows under the watery Venus-Neptune trine it is starting to fade by the New Moon but it may still have enough juice to smooth over any hard feeling caused by the Mars-Saturn opposition.

Where there may be little compromise possible is the Yod with Pluto in Capricorn at the apex inconjunct Jupiter in Leo and Mercury in Gemini as the base. Mercury sextile Jupiter is an excellent aspect for coming up with an endless stream of bright ideas, especially with Gemini and Leo involved. Pluto is sitting out there acting as the Thought Police and stamping extreme disapproval on any non-traditional idea, something the other two planets love. Mercury is poised to station retrograde within twenty four hours after the New Moon, so there may be endless rehashing of the facts.

There are a couple of other factors to consider with this Yod. One is Uranus in Aries currently making a waxing trine to Jupiter in Leo, and the other is Venus in Cancer is making a waxing opposition to Pluto. The Jupiter-Uranus trine is the best for generating a positive, innovative outlook and I see it weighing in strongly on Jupiter sextile Mercury. Venus opposing Pluto and suspended between Jupiter and Mercury offers the option of using honey instead of vinegar to soften rigid attitudes. This whole scenario affects charts with planets from 11° to 18° in the cardinal signs the most, though it may also impact those who have natal planets from 13° to 14° in fixed and mutable signs too, thanks to the Mercury-Jupiter sextile.

I suppose I better mention the waning square between Mercury in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces. Mostly because this very annoying aspect is going to be repeated three times due to the Mercury Retrograde. We dealt with the first pass on May 9, the second one will be on May 29 and the last one on June 23, well after Mercury has stationed direct on June 11. This can cause considerable confusion and it may take some time before the truth emerges. Not pleasant.

There is much to celebrate under the Taurus New Moon as long as we are true to ourselves while practicing patience, kindness and tolerance. A good place to start is being as honest as possible with ourselves and those we come in contact with. Strong foundations are built on trust and honesty whether you are starting a business or a loving relationship.

Image: © Illustration for The New Moon by Shirley Kite